Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kangaroo Land

I am officially in Perth for 1 week and currently I am typing from the computer lab in Curtin University as joe went for some group discussion and left me alone to rot and I got the chance to walk around the campus and sit down to use some internet.

I have been to quite a lot of places you see. Hillary's Harbour, Frementle, Hay Street, Murray Street, King's Park, Cilleton City, Carousel, Perth Royal Show and more to come. Most of the photo are uploaded in my facebook photo album. I guess I am not going to do the double work to post it here again. In fact you can get there from this link.

Apparently, life in Perth is very very relaxing and laid-back. After all the hustle and bustle in KL, this is definitely a perfect getaway location for my hectic lifestyle. I actually get to sit down and read some books and do some sunbathing here lol! When we are free at home, we will just pick up the guitar and start jamming. I wouldn't have time to do all this when I am in KL. Things are packed back then.

Everything here is in good order too. Be it the traffic, the city, the people, the building or the road. I can see that people abide to the rules. This is one huge difference between here and KL where things get so chaotic. I guess as a Malaysian you would know what I meant.

Frankly, I feel safer here than in KL. The place where I stay is a student-condensed area but it is very safe. Just take a look at all my university friends in KL, out of 10 I would say 5 have been robbed before.

The only thing that I can complaint here is that everything is so bloody expensive. Perhaps it's the conversion rate but $8 for a plate of chicken rice is apparently overpriced!

and you say I like Australia. Yes definitely I like this country. You say I think that this country is much better than Malaysia. Yes I certainly think so.

and you ask "Do you wanna live in this country?" Yes I would love to.

But if you ask "If you have the chance to give up the citizenship of Malaysia and be a citizen of Australia"

My answer would definitely be......

What do you think? :) (answer will be revealed next post)


Niel said...

No, you won't leave M'sia. =)

stupid said...


† Thomas † said...

I believe you'll get a dual citizenship, but not giving it up..

kaemin said...

giving up the origin is not a wise act...

=chuan guan= said...

i guess get a pr there would be nice already

:) said...

lol , its often nice to think immediately that another place is better than ur country .but remember ,everything has its pros and cons .... yes , i agree that malaysia may have some flaws compared to australia , but every country is like that . And another thing u might want to know is the amount of racist attacks that australians spawn on asians....and as long as u dont look like an "ang moh", they will still be biased to u no matter from where u come from .Since the 9/11 attacks and the virginia tech attacks(whereby both were done by non "ang mohs"), "ang mohs" like to stereotype and be prejudiced.If u ask me , I think there are pple that are from overseas that come all the way to malaysia to stay in places like KL and of course the great Penang , so I think that Malaysia is home ,whereby other countries may be a tourist attraction . And remember , where else other than penang where u can find good(and i mean great/delicious) char kuey teow, nasi kandar and banana leaf rice other than penang?


well, Perth is very different from other state in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria whether in the perspective of population, politics etc.. U may see a great variety of ppl there whom r already Australian. Discrimination? well, mayb have but hardly felt or seen. A nice place to live! btw, we could get double citizen. The only matter is u hav to either get hired or study there.

kae vin said...






I think under Malaysian nationality law in the constitution you cannot hold dual citizenship. :)


hohoho~ perhaps? :)

chuan guan:

yeah. You betcha


wah so long. But yeah i got ur point. and that's exactly my point :P


no you can only get PR here. If you wan the citizenship, you'll have to give up malaysia one. Anyone you got a good point. Working here is like so relaxing. If study here then sure die one. No more president's list. XD

calvin said...

Yes, you will feel the grass is always greener on the other side, but trust me, despite all the negatives points you find in Malaysia, you will always prefer to be at home, trust me.

Same thing in Japan.

At least to me :)

kae vin said...


be proud of urself. :)