Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hillary's Harbour

It was my third day in Perth and we woke up pretty early in the morning and drove 30 minutes to get to this place known as Hillary's Harbour.

Well, this little harbour is well known because it is actually owned by the wife of the famous ex-president of the United States who had a sex scandal and thus it was named after her. Hillary Clinton I meant.

and you actually buy into my crap? The truth is, this harbour is named after the Disney made star Hillary Duff as the satellite view of the shape of the bay looks like her thus the name Hillary's Harbour.

Do I sound convincing? :D

Posing at Hillary's Harbour. (This is the eye of the face)

We then did some rock climbing to have a better view of the sea. The rock actually resembled the nose.

Cool eh? The curve is actually the mouth

So you got an idea on how Hillary Duff looks like from all the pictures above?

The wind was so strong I was almost blown into the sea.

We were just sitting there and chilling.

Okay I hope now you already realized that the whole Hillary Duff thing was just a lame joke. Oh no you actually googled it up? XD

Then I paid Aus19.50 for the entrance fee of AQWA, Aquarium of Western Australia.

Try to spot an anomaly.

Apparently they couldn't get a whale in the aquarium so they built a whale tale trying to hoax us.

After the aquarium thing we camwhored again.

Somehow, I love this photo.

Then we walked around Surrento Quay which located just right next to Hillary's Harbour.

Took this photo from Surrento Quay.

We were freezing especially Jo lol! Okay a quick quiz here. Guess what were we holding. (2 cups of { }, 1 cup of { }, 2 bags of { } ) XD

If somebody gets it 100% right then Airasia will sponsor him a year of free flights to Perth. Terms and Conditions applied :P

On the way back we stopped by the Perth City to have some night view photo.

Perth Eyes. Joe was trying hard to act macho when he was about to freeze to death :P 

Bell Tower. Well this tower was built to be resemblance to some kind of animal. Try to figure out what animal it is without having to google it up.

After then we drove to King's Park to have an awesome night view of the city.

The memorial tower

Nice view eh?

See anything? I took the photo of this DNA tower with only the illumination of the moon light. We climbed all the way up to this tower to see the fireworks.

The fireworks.

and we almost froze ourselves to death on top of the tower.

That pretty much summed up one of the days in Perth. :)


anson said...

from this post, i can conclude that your camera is not bad lah... :p

or maybe it's bcoz of ur skill oso lah..

Jervynna said...

i know i know!! 1 boost, 2 subway, 2 gloria jeans! :) :)

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

lol! I know tat Kae Vin just using a compact camera but his skills are good. ^^

Nup.. u dun manage to make me google about it. Haha.. Nice place to hang out n chills.. ^^

=chuan guan= said...

wow..really bo..1 year air asia flight

kae vin said...


lol it's definitely my skill!


In terms and conditions clause 2.6.5 stated that those who resides in Perth for more than 10days are not entitled to the competition XD

Anyway u got it all right! ;) Thanks for ur participation! XD

and besides boost juice subway and gloria jeans are available in Malaysia too! :)

yew soon:

Thanks hahah XD yeah nice places

chuan guan:

of course i was just boasting XD