Saturday, October 24, 2009


Joe said that the western aussies love to add an O behind when they abbreviate names or places.

So Frementle is known as Freo among the locals.

Apparently, Frementle was one of the earliest civilisation of British settlement. It's a port city and it's well known for seafood.

Frankly speaking, in the future if I were to settle down in one place, I would definitely choose the one with sea nearby. Somehow it felt so relaxing to look at the sea. For no appareny reason, I just like driving along the road by the seaside and I find it enjoyable.

and living nearby sea = fresh seafood! XD

That's why I loathe Kuala Lumpur so much. :P

Camwhored around the sea port of frementle.

and going to Frementle without tasting its fish 'n chip would be like going to Penang without eating char kuey tiaw and laksa. :P

So we went there around lunch hour on a Sunday.

Initially we decided to have some fish 'n chip in Cicerello's however Joe said it's abit oily.

So we went on to Kailies' Fish Market as recommended by some other friends to steal have a bite on some fish 'n chip.

This ultimate seafood experience attracted a crowd there as you can see. People were everywhere.

The dining area was just located right next to the sea with seagull flying around. Thus the umbrellas to avoid S.O.Y (a new term i learnt. Guess what's that? :P)

We ordered a seafood platter and a chili mussels. To tell you the truth, it was the best fish 'n chip I ever had. No chilli sauce or sour cream or pepper or what ever to enhance the taste, eating it alone was good enough. Having a hard time to chew as the fish was so smooth that it skidded around my teeth! :P and trust me the seafood is free from fishy taste. (The kind of taste is in every single seafood in KL)  

These are the seafood I didn't get to eat. :P Which one is your favourite? XD

Frementle Market. The angmoh pasar XD

On a beach nearby, took some photo with the seagulls! They weren't afraid of human at all :P

The well-preserved 19th heritage building. Honestly speaking, it felt a little bit like Georgetown in Penang. 

Drove around to camwhore.

Oh ya, don't forget to visit E-shed market if you happened to go there. You can get really good deals for some souvenir :)

the trio in freo. This was taken at a memorial park nearby.

Oh I think I forgot to tell you throughout the days in Perth, I traveled around in this limo. Cool huh?

Last but not least, a quiz for you (so that you will leave some comments :P). This is a city nearby freo, how do you pronounce it? :P (and for those who stays in Perth, especially Cockburn, please don't reveal the answer so fast la. Let people guess ma. :D)

ps-> if you are a loyal reader of my blog you would notice that my blog is now serving Nuffnang advertisement ady. yeah that indicates that I am officially BROKE! so if you like me my blog please help me to click on the advertisement. It will prosper me for a few cents. wuahahah


=chuan guan= said...

so obvious.."cock-burned"
LOL..y do u love such word?

Niel said...

The place really looks like Georgetown, near the sea and seafood and the crowd.

Yea I love the beach too. :D

calvin said...

Haha, Goh Kae Vin finally gave in to Nuffnang!!
Everybody faster give him a pat on his butt xD

S.O.Y = sun on you?

On the pronunciation of that ayam kena bakar place, is it KOH-BERN?

You owe me a bowl of NT ais kacang if I got it correctly xD

Kenneath said...

Finally you are serving Nuffnang... haha..

S.O.Y = Salivating Over You?

When did Joe become the 'seafood' you didn't get to 'eat'?! LOL!! You purposely put him there ya.. haha!

Cockburn = co-burn

You gonna post more to make us click more, to make you few cents richer... :P

stupid said...

hit On You. oh, i forgot the "S" :P
Not posting doesn't mean not viewing@@
All the best~

jijitankyy said...

The crowd at Fish Market really amazed me..
Their business must be good.

kae vin said...

chuan guan:

the result of overconfident.


yeah the only difference that there's no apek cycling around in the trishaw.

People who dont love beach are insane. :P


No money ma.

Wrong no sun on you. lol anyway somebody got it tight.

ayam bakar = Co-burn. Silence CK
Not Koh, it's Co. No ice kacang for u. :P


See if anyone pay attention close enough to notice Joe is not a seafood lol.

SOY wrong also. hehe.

yaya. Sikit sikit lama jadi bukit. XD


Their business was way more than good. It was fantastic. People left and people filled up the seats immediately. :)

~Live Life~ said...

Getting interactive with your post huh?

Anyway...informative too! least now I learnt another acronym...and the right way to pronounce COCKBURN...

And, with all these travelling going would be a surprise not to get broke...i will click them *accidentally*...

Oh, and I wonder whether the word HELLo came from there...every greeting seem like asking ppl to go to hell?

kae vin said...

Live Life:

Yeah. Interactive is the new pink!

That's why blogs and facebook are so popular! :)

and haha I'll thank you accidentally too. ;)

and hello, you think too much. XD

joe wee chuah said...

eh! how come im in the seafood pic!! grrr..!! :P

kae vin said...

joe wee:

because you're a lala zai :P

just kidding la. Put in to see if anyone noticed it :P