Saturday, September 12, 2009


My blog is going to turn 5 in a few months time. That's pretty scary cause I never thought I would be blogging that long. A lot of my friends who started blogging at the same period as me, are no longer in the blogosphere anymore.

I have to admit that one of the reasons that this blog is sustainable is because of the readers' feedback. (I am not making money with my blog so money is not a factor XD) Frankly speaking, I am often delighted and surprised by some witty and funny remarks made by readers and it actually motivates me to write more in my blog.

Initially, my blog is meant for my friends to read therefore I only write things about my happening life. XD and I am always flattered when I told my friends something and they said

"eh I knew this already"
"How did you know?"
"I read it on your blog!"

However, over the time I find that there are people that I don't really know reading my blog and I felt surprised and happy at the same time instinct-ly alerted. As I am using my name in my blog, I know it is easy for people to google my name and land on my blog.

and my worries were proven right when this happened exactly one year ago.

There were people using fake and unknown IDs commenting craps on that particular post and it got grosser and grosser and I had to disable the comments there.

and there're always unknown people opposing my view and voice out loud too. You can read it from here.

From that point onwards, I knew I have to be more careful if I were to continue blogging.

I do not allow myself to write things that will possibly disclose my or my friends' personal information. and no real names of my friends shall appear in my blog and I do not reveal on my very personal thoughts or my political view.

Simply because in this virtual world, I am like a free-for-all bull's eye. If I don't protect myself properly, I might end up jeopardizing my life.

Moreover, I know that some companies HR department will do a google search on your name before they actually interview you. Thus it's always wise to make sure my blog is presentable. :)

Although it might make my blog look superficial, I choose to remain my blog this way. Then, the anonymouses in my blog would never know what I really think. XD 

Anyway, I am not really bothered by the anonymous comments in my blog and I guess all my other fellow readers are not too, are you? :)

ps-> anyone interested to take on the Penang Bridge Marathon challenge with me in November? 21km only XD


calvin said...

Haha, those virtual fights on that two entries. But it was fun reading them =P

I gotta agree on this one:

"I am always flattered when I told my friends something and they said

"eh I knew this already"
"How did you know?"
"I read it on your blog!"

And sometimes when people whom you least expect to read your blog mentioned something from your blog, the feeling is like indescribable haha xD

On a personal note, I think we tend to tease each other more in our comments haha =P

Niel said...

Perhaps that is indeed the best solution. Some people simply create another private blog and locked it up.

Kenneath said...

I just realize that you have got a blog-post being sabotaged so fiercely... I must be ignoring your blog that time, due to exam...

Be yourself, don't care the others. We want the original you! not the 'beautifully packaged' one!!

Anonymous said...

i think that there are more than a person la,

fir said...

i really think those pple that spam ur post on penang were pple that were not from penang and got irritated with the erm , excessive praising for the state ....about the other post(the gross admirer post) , i think they are ur frens or pple u know. cheers

stupid said...


~Live Life~ said...

Haha...yea! Agree with what you have said...your blog has been a medium that connect back old friends...

Although we have not seen and talk to each other for quite some time, during the last meeting, it seems like we could talk about anything...all thanks to your blog in keeping readers like me updated on your life!

Keep up the good work man!

Sherril 雪乐 said...

haha wasnt aware that there were 2 such entries that kept the comment room heated.

anyway.. just keep on what you think is the best for yourself.

and... i heard yek hong wanna go for the marathon right? he was asking us the other day. im quite interested =)

and... i would like to see beautiful pictures posted up in your blog k after my exams regarding your trip =)

all the best in your remaining papers!

kae vin said...


hehe. yeah thanks. Well it's fun to taunt XD


hehe yeah. but somehow or rather i still felt that blog is meant for others to read. :)


yeah haha. People used it as an anti-stress solution XD

Thanks and I'll keep writing.

and keep reading too! :)


and you are one of them :)


Really? coz me think so too~ XD



~live life~:

yeah. so please keep ur blog alive too! XD


Thanks! :) Yeah I know yek hong is interested. and no prob. I'll try to update my blog when I am there :)

Make sure u read ya XD

calvin said...

Seems like you enjoy taunting people a lot eh?
Actually I do that often too haha =P

~Live Life~ said...

Yea...I have updated quite a couple...trying hard to keep it alive...

wAisEnG said...

Long time never drop any comment on some1 blog and even forgot my log in password haha. i just follow the procedure by clicking "Forgot Your Password?" haha.

Kaevin i think i m the 1 mention that not in blogsphere anymore. Anyway, it is a great effort to continue writting ur blog and share ur experiences and personal update hehe. keep going...

By the way, now only i realise some1 ever bombarded ur post. Really darn entertaining and irritating lol.

kae vin said...


lol yeah.

live life:

yeah. I can see that! :)


Thanks for your comment! it's surprising to see u reading my blog XD

anyway it has become one of my routine to write blog ady. hahaha.

and yeah the 2 posts are meant for you to release ur exam stress. haha :)