Wednesday, September 30, 2009


From gentle moonlight to the welcoming sunray, the plane finally touched down on the land of the Kangaroo.

Welcome to Perth

I was picked up by a car soon after I got off the plane

The welcoming flowers outside the house

My first lunch - Char Siew Rice~! XD

Hello from the Kangaroo-land! :)


yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

Hope tat u enjoy ur Aussie experience.. take more photos and share. ^^ I always wanted to go Perth bcos my cousins and few friends stayed over there. Haha.. =P

calvin said...

Go to Down Under for Char Siew Fan?


calvin said...

Anyway, enjoy your trip there to the max!
And if possible, send me a postcard from Perth can?

Wanna add to the Cambodia collection xD

Kamsahamnida in advance =P

Niel said...

The beginning. =__=

Kenneath said...

walao eh.. u go so far just for a Char Siew Fan + soup (got MSG or not?) + Soy Drink?!

What a 1st day.. LOL!!

kae vin said...

yew soon:

yeah. lol I will. and you should :)


lol~ the cheapest food available is chinese food ma~ =_=

thanks. lol i try la.


of? XD


sure got msg lol.

it tasted ok but the portion was damn huge~!

calvin said...

Haha, still keep my addy meh?

Never thought Chinese food is the cheapest there...
Don't have Indian food meh? xD

+_c said...

I miss you KV!!!!!

p/s: msn you my postal address d~

kae vin said...


ya got indian food too but it's very expensive.


lol okay....

calvin said...

Now everyone is requesting something from you liao hahaha!