Monday, September 28, 2009

Fuel the Jet

Finally, the dreadful days of exam are now over.

Frankly I have been doing quite lousy in my exams this time. Perhaps it's the lost of motivation?

I could have done better but let just let bygone be bygone. Afterall, it's not the results that have the say on everything.

Hmm, anyway I have no time to stop and pant. In fact the next adventure is waiting for me.  

Actually not adventure also la. I'll be paying one of my best-est buddies a visit in Perth, have a little walk in town and a couple of beers and chill perhaps. It's more like a vacation than a full-schduled travel.

Anyway I did some homework too. Just in case I miss out anything :)

Experience Perth......with a lot of $$$. Most of the activities recommended inside are so high-maintenance. Who has the book "101 ways to earn money in Perth"? lol

By the way maxis required me to deposit Rm300 for activating my international roaming service so I decided not to. My phone is unaccessable and please leave me a message here or facebook or msn or email me if there's anything. I'll be having internet access there.

and don't bother telling me to buy gifts for you. I am on a super-constraint budget. muahahahaha.... ;)

Let's fuel the jet! XD


kykhor said...

Don't forget to come back. Malaysia needs you LOL.

Anonymous said...

u so bad lo~~~ :P

meihui said...

u so bad lo~~~ :P

Kenneath said...

Have a nice, safe journey! :)


Wow!! that's cool!
take more photos though u always do so~

Anonymous said...

kaemin here
You better go and play 'as safe as possible'
coz mama nvr stops gam gam cham cham worrying abt u~

kae vin said...


lol I won't


where got?




yeah sure :) keep an eye on my blog la.


lol on ur msn la~