Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Conclusion

The study trimester was officially ended yesterday.

It simply means, I'll have my one last trimester in Uni during January - May 2010.

So damn fast.

I really feel the time slipping away from my fingers but still there's nothing I can do.

Like what I have been saying over and over again, so many wants but so little time.

and I look back at my new year resolution for 2009 and let see how I am doing this year. (although it hasn't ended, it's always good to do some self-evaluation along the way)

1. Keep my weight at 60kg by all means.
I'll be having problem squeezing into Air Asia seats if it's more than that. So it means I'll have to exercise more and avoid all kind of all-you-can-eat buffet. [erm....shouldn't be that hard right?]

Still up to it! :)

2. Study hard.
I mean really really hard. I am already in the last three or four trimesters in uni. If I don't keep up and stay alert, I might just bloody flunk it. Plus I am holding some vice president post in the Robocon society (No I don't know how to build Asimo. :P) and the leader post in Setapak Gospel Centre's Teen Fellowship (hell yeah I am still a teen!). I really need to be wise in my time management. [I can do this as long as I stop procratinating, all the time XD]

well, my result dropped a little bit last trimester but gonna catch up in the coming exam!

3. Improve musically.
Practise for a better voice, guitar and piano. I realized that I haven't learnt new stuffs for a very long time and the skill is starting to deteriote. Music has been part of my life and I don't want it to get rotten and I eventually become someone the 18-year-old me dreaded and loathed to become. :(

Not very successful, the improvement is too slow and the effort i put in is too little!

4. Continue learning Japanese.
It is very much unlikely for me to enrol in a Japanese class anymore in KL as the centre is a thousand miles away and I don't have time for that. As for classes offered by UTAR, last semester the teacher already expressed clearly that it is needless and useless to further learning Japanese. So i signed up in and got some book to do self study. Anyway this is the one with least priority. So wish me luck!

I give up this one! =_=

Look like I am still not pushing myself hard enough huh. aiks.

Anyway, just to let you guys know my whereabout in the coming three months.

So I'll be having my final exam in 2 weeks time and right after that I'll go Perth for some traveling! (have been longing for that for YEARS XD) and then I'll have a week back in Penang.

I will not be having classes from October to December this year. However I'll stay back in KL for my Final Year Project. Meanwhile I'll do a little bit of traveling too.

and I shall conclude this post with a picture. Basically this was how we spent the time during the very last lecture in the very last day of the very last week.

lol I had to wake them up when the lecture ended! XD


chiaohan said...

walaoeh..kena..i c u sleep ad den oni i sleep le..==

Niel said...

LOL. This posts sounds old too, especially with 'hey im still a teen!'

Alfred Toh said...

Wow, your new year resolution is so ambitious compare to mine.

Going to enjoy my holiday too, going to travel but not Perth, just Langkawi. T_T

All the best in the exam!

yekhong said...

don't push urself too much that even sometime u actually know that u cant complete all the things u planned to do.

anyway, 3 months holiday means a lot of time for swimming! haha

last, all the best in the coming exam for u and myself.

kykhor said...

unless u plan to hibernate the whole autumn/winter, isn't it too early to do any conclusion? lol

TY said...

please la .i beat u everytime , don dream bout it , most prob i will beat u when working too

smiley said...

hahaha, eventhough its a joke , the above comment so kiasu la!!!!

Anonymous said...

K.I.A.S.U, lol!

:) said...

oh ya , u planning holiday where else?

kae vin said...


but I woke up earlier than u muahahah


Stop using that world in my blog! I don wanan see 'It-which-shall-not-be-named' in my blog again!

Alfred Toh:

lol isit? XD ambitious or not is not important. The only important thing that you can achieve them :)

Langkawi is fun too! Have fun drinking! XD

Thanks. You too!


hahah. Do u think i m pushing myself too hard?

yeah swim swim swim!

yeah let's work hard together!


This coming winter is overloaded with my final year project lol!


haha. just beat it! *shake shake*

smiley and anonymous:

lol don say people like that. being competitive is good.


follow my blog constantly and you will know :)