Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm gonna reveal something that I never really said before in my blog.

It's kinda personal and it might be surprising but hey, I think it's time for you guys to know that....

I can actually cook!! XD


Well yesterday was the birthday of a housemate of mine so I decided to do some cooking and cook what I am best at.

Spaghetti Bolognese~! XD

I know out there there're a lot of recipe but I'm gonna disclose my very own secret recipe. hehe.

First, get ready with all the raw ingredients and spices.

Slices of tomatoes, capsicums, mushroom, onions and garlics

Cheese, spaghetti, concentrated tomatoes, Prego Pasta source, Kimball tomato sauce, butter, ordinary and black pepper powder,  Thyme leaves, mixed herbs, vinegar, and of course sugar, salt and corn flour.

I prefer minched beef but if you do not take beef, you can substitute it with minched chicken, pork, squirrels or kangaroo. XD

Let's start with the noodle first (forgot to take the photo of the noodle. This is the leftover XD).

It's fairly simple to cook the noodle. Boil a pot of water and add a few pinches of salt inside then just dump the noodle inside until it's cooked to the state of al-dente (this is wat the instruction at the packaging says). Then transfer the noodle to another pot without water. Add a reasonable amount of olive oil and mixed herbs and stir the noodle until it's even (in this case I didn't use olive oil coz it's too expensive so I substitute with butter anyway the oil is just to prevent the noodle from sticking together so it doesn't really matter). Then proceed to the sauce-making steps.

First of all, stir fry the garlic and onion slices with the minched meat until it's cooked. I used butter instead of cooking oil so it looked a bit yellowish.

Then, dump in the fried minched meat and all the mushroom, tomatoes, capsicum and cheese and Pasta sauce and concentrated tomato and tomato sauce. Cook it with a mild fire until it boils. Add in salt, sugar, vinegar, mixed herbs, Thyme leaves, corn flour according to your preference. Add in some water too if it's too dry. Usually I'll boil the tomatoes until they are 'melted'. It's all up to your preference actually.

and now it's ready to be served! :)

Pretty simply right? So start cooking now and save the earth!


hi said...

u can call me bad but the first thing i thought when u said this:"It's kinda personal and it might be surprising but hey, I think it's time for you guys to know that...."was that ur gay !!!!XD

Niel said...

lol. this comes as something totally unexpected. but hurray, guys can cook.

Kyr@n said...

Curry spaghetti huh? =P

淑君 said...


yekhong said...

i want some!
2nd of february is my birthday, there are still 6 months for u to improve ur skill. thks :)

† Thomas † said...

I've already know that you can cook.. but i didnt know you're good at it! well done ^^

kykhor said...

the raw material there looks more delicious than the final product. lol j/k

I was tempted by the cheese photo there...

Kenneath said...

huh.. u call this personal?! LOL!! then you have got lots of 'personal' things yo... haha...

you really like to prepare spaghetti hor??


U make me feel hungry the 1st time since my soullessness.. haha!

calvin said...

Hey guys,

Let me reveal something else which nobody knows.

This is the one and only dish he can cook lor hahaha! =P

Besides fried egg and maggi, of course xD

And how can you save the earth by just cooking, eh?

fir said...

hi , i will be goin penang island soon, any good food picks? where good nasi kandar? nasi lemak? oh jian?banana leaf rice? yum yum

kae vin said...




lol. XD thanks


You are just upset because I didn't cook for u ;p


the taste and the appearance are totally opposite k?

yek hong:

lol. no need to improve blek. I will consider cooking it for you but it depends on how you treat me these few months lo. LOL


haha thanks. :)


haha. Cheesy spaghetti :P


Just to make people feel priviledged :)


haha. Yeah that proved that I am good :)


lol don pretend you know me la. I know how to cook a lot of other dishes la. Just that I am best at this one :P

and by cooking, erm, you'll release ur mum's burden and she'll have more time to recycle thus the earth is being saved! brilliant huh~


You can always go to those awesome food blog. I am sure there're a lot of them :)

calvin said...

Kae Vin with his fine theory =.=||

斌纷世界 said...

it looks yummy

kae vin said...


What's wrong with that lol?


hahah. I guess you can cook better ;P

calvin said...

Nothing wrong, I just felt it's a bit gay =P