Friday, August 21, 2009

The Mask

When I walked into the lecture hall today, I was stunned by this view

Everyone was wearing a mask!

Just simply because rumours said there were 2 h1n1 cases in UTAR

Anyway, I joined in the bandwagon of mask too.

and they got creative with the mask

and we performed violent act on those who didn't comply to the norm of wearing mask!

Anyway, frankly speaking, H1N1 is no kidding matter. and yes, I know that this mask actually doesn't help at all. They said a N95 is the only one which works fine.

However, instead of wearing a mask, I think that all of us should be aware that this pandemic is actually spreading fast and furious due to the 'tidak-apa' attitude of us Malaysian. Malaysia now ranks the sixth country in the world with the most fatal cases. Apart from the hot weather itself, I believe that there are more reasons that this virus is spreading.

My advice to all of you: Stay home if you are sick, drink more water, eat more fruits and exercise more! Stop helping h1n1 to breed!


calvin said...

I won't comment on how effective wearing mask during this time, but I guess it's the 'tidak-apa' attitude among us, who just can't be bothered about people around them.

I believe it will only get worse come the raining season soon =\

~Live Life~ said...

I heard about the UTAR cases on FB too...hmmm...Stay safe man and be protected...haha!

Anyway...I am more curious in your statement on "there are more reasons that this virus is spreading"...mind sharing more about it?

Niel said...

It's getting scarier. The awareness is just not there, with majority of the people thinking that this is just another blow-up smoke. ><

Sherril 雪乐 said...

haha are u worried? 1 of victim stays just below your house..

btw my hsemate is being quarantined now because the 2nd confirmed case is her coursemate... =_=''

Kenneath said...

Today I even heard got 5 ppl got infected and all of them are from the same course in our campus, plus all of the coursemates are wearing mask now....

Looks like the virus is already very near and close to us... and we don't even realize it... X.x

St. Kevin said...
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St. Kevin said...

Lol theres a guy in my company has gotten swine flu too.

But I've not been wearing a mask... simply because I seldom contact with him/their department and my department is quite far from them, like say.... 10-20m away.

funny drawings and photo lol...

jijitankyy said...

yeah.agree with you.
It is better to prevent before it is too late.

kae vin said...


the raining season is NOW.

live life:

wow UKM heard UTAR h1n1 too? XD

well, needless to say more about that. It's the gahmen lo. XD


WHO predicts that there'll be 28000 fatal cases in Malaysia at this rate.

The newspaper should put that and it'll scare the shit out of people and be aware.

but the tourism minister will jump out and accuse that this statement is causing loss in the tourism industry.



Yes I am worried that's why i exercise madly lately.

Wanna join me for swimming? :)


Well, we can only keep our finger crossed then.

St Kevin:

lol. But i guess Hong Kong is much better than Malaysia now. :)


yeah. Don let the virus win :P