Sunday, August 02, 2009


kindergarten -> primary school -> high school -> university -> ?

Seriously thinking of getting myself a master first before I actually go out to work.

I'm interested in semicon field. But the problem is where? and what about the money?

Work or study? I guess this is a question I have to keep in mind from now onwards.

Here's abit of comparison:

If I work, I will be.....
-Making money
-Gaining working experience
-Building network
-Getting to know the market and the so-called 'real-world'

I'll most probably get my way back to Intel Penang Design Centre. I actually like the working environment there, albeit it's quite taxing, the pay is not bad.

If I do master, I'll be......
-Getting valuable knowledge and certificate
-Building a network in the academic world
-Staying innocent for a few more years
-Making money if getting scholarship and taking up tutor/assistant researcher role
-More free time to do things that I like

I am interested in semicon industry and therefore my research topic. It's important to get a well-known advisor with strong academic background and it is a must for me to get scholarship in order to continue studying to reduce the burden of my family. It will be very much favourable if I can go oversea for that.

*scratch scratch*

I know my blog is being read by all walks of people. So each of your advice and opinion will be very valuable to me. At least it can help me to see things that I might not be able to see.

Thank you :)


JohnCoeinne said...

It depends.. U got the talent,reach for further mayb a better idea for everyone around u! Think deeply!
Always be wif U! GOd Bless

yekhong said...

if able to do ur master oversea, for sure it will be part of ur memorable experience in ur life.

if possible i will futher my study as well, but so far my planning is work for few years after i graduate. After i recognize what type of field i suit into, or what the market demand is, then just select master course for myself.

Maybe this is another option for u?

(Shit, getting more options =.=")

Niel said...

In all you do, acknowledge God and He wil lead you.

kaemin said...

If I were you, I will decide to continue master degree. knowledge = fame = money

anson said...

i had the chance to go UK for 3 months to get a degree during my time in TARC.
but i just decided not to go, mainly because of financial burden.
and i have the chance to choose again now, i think my choice would be the same, unless i dun need to borrow then i will go...

for your case, if i were you, the only criteria that i will consider is the ability of my family's financial status. if they are able to support financially, no harm to further my studies.

if they are not, and happen to be i can't get any scholarship, then i will stop thinking to further my studies and go for work...

anyway, life is just full of surprises and sometimes you will be just totally shocked by His arrangement...

as what Niel said, acknowledge Him and He shall lead ALL your ways...

kykhor said...

I'd choose to retire ady.

Anonymous said...

anyhow also ok la , masters is ok la , but it depends why u choose engineering , if u really liked the course and wanted to be an engineer , then i suggest u work first , if u dun like the course and was forced to do it a.k.a regret taking it , then better do masters la

pUrpoSe oF LiFe said...

you can opt for a scholarship..i know your results are great

淑君 said...


Sherril 雪乐 said...

I'm not sure about myself so I cant give u any advice.

But anyhow, no matter whats your decision I know it's your best choice because you are not a cincai person hehe

All the best! It's a pleasure to have a friend like you^^

Anonymous said...

if u got financial backup which is ur family background, then go for master.. if not, then go 2 work 2 earn money yet experience..

as for me, becos of my family background is poor, i had 2 work 2 earn money.. btw, it might be more money after u studying ur master. once u attain ur master, the best is 2 pursuit for PHD. once u got PHD, students will love u very much.. GOD bless u..

kae vin said...

Dear all:

Thank you for your precious comments. Really appreciate them.

The decision will be made when the times come :)

anson said...

wasted my time...

Anonymous said...

"I'm very innocent one!!!" There's just no replacement for that line... LOL.

It boils down to how badly you want the masters degree and what is your main motivation behind it. Working has its advantages, i.e. you can get your company to pay for your part time masters program. However, only choose this route if you want your weekends gone for 2 years. Working also allows you to find out for sure if you really like what you studied in uni (not that you can apply much of that at work anyways).

kae vin said...


not wasted at all lol.


hahaha. thanks for glamourizing that line lol!

I got your point.

Will seriously think about it. :)

Thanks ;)