Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Canopy

Askar Wataniah in my uni is going to organize an amazing race kind of event in a few months time and I'm one of the event committee. =.=''

So we had a survey at FRIM and I was one of the drivers. *shrugged*

We woke up at 7am and went off at 730am. After having an oily bak kut teh breakfast at a restaurant nearby, we proceeded to the forest.

This was my second visit to FRIM and the first one was 5 months back.

So we started the survey with the map

Unlike the last visit, we were rushing around as FRIM was quite huge and we tried to survey all the available trails, so instead of stopping by for some splashing, we just took a photo at the stream.

Well, out of extreme boredom, they decided to do some 'bert-bert' pose. [this is an insider joke btw] XD

and we found this nice spot where a lady was sunbathing and a man was taichi-ing. Trying to absorb the essence of the nature huh. and the view was so scenic I felt that I should some day sunbath there too. XD

Anyhow, we managed to ruin the whole picture. *evil grinned* the lady was still steadily sunbathing there. XD

Warning: the photo below contains image of corpses and is extremely nauseous and nightmare-inducing. Do not proceed if you are faint-hearted.

Can you just look at the mosquito and nothing else? lol

Watch out for the tree! XD

The canopy. I should have shot this with a DSLR and it would then be trully magnificent. The canopy rain forest has this feature where the trees grow close to each other, but still leave space for the sun to shine through so that the plants underneath will not die due to the lack of sunshine. The space between each tree then forms a very unique shape that looks like aerial view of river flowing on the ground. Let's give a round of applause to the Creator :)

After hiking and walking for the entire morning, it was time to pamper ourselves. So we proceeded to Kepong 'Kei Dak Sek' (记得吃)

All the yummilicious food tasted even better with a hungry stomach :)

Mango Smoothie aka 西米捞

Shang Hai Cheong Fun 上海肠粉

Boiled Peanut 花生糊

Ginkgo Barley 白果薏米

Handmade Tom Yam Noodle 手工东炎拉面

Handmade Dumpling Noodle 手工水饺面There was prawn and meat in each of the dumpling. Yummy!

So, are you tempted now? :P


Niel said...

Swt-ness! In the end it's all about food. haha. :)

† Thomas † said...

Wow, its nice, I would have to visit FRIM one day... XD
I'm interested to know more about the Race ... is it members only?

calvin said...

No, I'm not xD

What's the last food la?

Alfred Toh said...

Welcome to my hometown. =)

I'm live in Kepong since I born.
Gei Dak Sek not bad right? Love mango the most!

The Bak Kut Teh you eat is near where? I know near FRIM got one BKT not bad one.

When I still in primary school I went to jog at FRIM every morning, but not now. Wish to go back there some day...

Sherril 雪乐 said...

im tempted for the 2nd time.. ish

Kenneath said...

walao.. Goh Kae Vin!!!
u go to FRIM (again) which is just a walking distance from my house and I never know about it!! never ask me join.. sob...

and u also go to the 'bak kut teh' which is also near to my house and u also didn't ask me! How can??!!

记得吃 such famous place u also never ask me to join u... only those photos full of temptations... huh.. what kind of friend is this o...

really regret introduce u the 'bak kut teh' in the first place... 打完齋不要和尚... T.T

p.s. where is the 'brokeback version' of titanic picture ar?? dare not to post ka?? LOL!!

Alfred: If you return there, remember to bring ur wallet.. coz now FRIM become blood sucker alr.. RM5 for a car plus RM1 for each person in the car... even if u walk also need to pay RM1 each person... sien..

luckily i can tumpang my neighbor's car to get it.. wahaha.. XD

YekHong said...

u didnt ask me go along with u all...

kae vin said...


lol~ What's wrong with that? :P


yeah. The race is open for all. It'll be promoted during the beginning of next year. So watch out for that. For your info, the prize is attractive :) [hint: 4 figure XD]


lol. It's Kiwi Smoothie.

Alfred Toh:

lol later people thought u live in jungle :p

the bak kut teh is near selayang. Just beside MRR2. :)

haha. You were healthy when you were young huh? :P


aiyo, next time koko bring u there k? XD


For your info, this is a private and confidential survey trip so the Askar President forewarned me not to bring anyone nor disclose how we gonna organize the race. :( Sorry lo.

I tot the bak kut teh was introduced by zhi chao to u n me? :P

and how did u get the know the titanic picture =_=

and why were you talking to alfred in my blog? =_=

yek hong

the askar president warned me not to bring unrelated people. blek LOL next time la. only both of us go XD

Kenneath said...

Kaevin: Strictly speaking, it is me and zhi chao recommend it to u... :P

U forgot u showed us the titanic photo ka??? LOL!! Post it la!!

and what is the problem if I want to talk to anyone in ur blog??? Hey guys, come and talk to me! Sabotage Kaevin's blog! Wahaha.. :P