Friday, August 07, 2009


I revisited Rumah Victory as promised, bringing along the teens in my church.

Human being is a very forgetful spesis don't you agree? I almost forgot how I felt when I first saw them.

Today, after paying them a second visit, it triggered something in my heart, again. This visit was a timely wake-up call as I have been having really negative thoughts lately due to a lot of uncertainties in life.

and my feeling can now be summarised by a word: blessed.

I felt that I was so blessed that instead of constantly complaining about my life, I should give away more.

I am not feeling any more superior but it's really a kind of compassion.

They are just like me. It's just that I am luckier and more blessed.

and giving away wouldn't make me less blessed.

It is always more blessed to give than to receive

There'll be another visit soon, I promise.


anson said...

so fast?!?!?!

JohnCoeinne said...

Gud.. Remember to keep ur word!

Niel said...

What better way than this to know your own blessing. Thank God! :D

淑君 said...


Anonymous said...

Thx for support Rumah Victory!!

"It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive"

God bless you^^


kae vin said...


where got =_=


No worries ;)


Thank you.

Shu Jun:

agreed ;)


thanks. May I know who are you?

Anonymous said...

i'm Choon Kiat and Vincent's friend..found ur blog through their blog..nice to meet u^^


kae vin said...


oh ic! Welcome! :)

My pleasure to have you as my reader ;)

if u don't mind, you can leave ur blog address and I'll link u :D