Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unresolved Issues

What keeps you motivated?

The things that you are going after. The life you envision. The likes and dislikes.

Do you live to solve your unresolved issues?

I have a concept that everyone is born with an ultra complex knot inside. As time passes, everyone is trying hard to untie it but instead of solving it, it usually complicates it.

Some give up and some persist. Some focus on something else and pretend that life is perfect.

Unresolved issue. Do you leave it or live with it?


Niel said...

The happiest man would be the one who resolved all his issues.. But it's hard to be happy while resolving them.

JohnCoeinne said...

leave it to God! n pray hard..

da said...

happy bday my fren

specialhuman said...




Thanks :)