Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 22

The days that I could proudly proclaim that I am still a teen are apparently long gone.

and birthday is a reminder to that =_=

Thanks to all my friends, I had quite a splendid birthday this year.

Though it wasn't as surprising as last year :)

On the very first night of my birthday  at Ampang Look Out Point with my unimates

The day after my birthday at Sakura Crystal at Jusco Setiawangsa with my churchmates.

The third day at Green Box Sungai Wang with my homies :)

my birthday present this year. A postcard from Japan which is full of Japanese words that I could barely understand, a signed RM1 note, a RM0.70 UTAR bus ticket, a Bible quotes Footprint for Men, a bottle of Extrem CO2 fragance and a really cute decorative stuff which I donno how to name it :)

Eventually, this was my very last birthday in my campus life. It made me feel a little emotional as next year is still an unknown. Honestly I don't have plans yet.

Anyway a big thank you for those who remembered my birthday and celebrated it with me. and thanks for all of your wishes and the plan to throw me into Titiwangsa lake. It's all heartfelt. :)


Niel said...

It's nice that you can still celebrate with hometown friends like KY though not in NT. Haha.

Nagaoka-Cute-Guy said...

Haha, stop complaining lah.

At least by writing everything in Japanese, you will be able to practise your Japanese, okay. After all, you know to read Chinese characters, so I thought you should be okay.

Mana tau you took you revenge on me like that that day =.=

yekhong said...

well, finally finished all ur bday celebrationSSS huh? haha

titiwangsa is a bit far for me. but throw u into ktar swimming pool shouldnt be a problem.

=chuan guan= said...

hahha...how come ur penang's wife look so photogenic in photos 1?hahaha

kykhor said...

Actually I went there to meet Lynn & TzeHui only. I bo chap siao KaeVin one. Hehe j/k

Kenneath said...

Wow.. celebrate your birthday needs 3 days huh... LOL!!

Sherril 雪乐 said...

u are like a celebrity but u deserve it! =)

kae vin said...


XD yeah.

Calvin Ong:

Stop calling yourself that name =_=

Thanks for the card la. You know I don't even have level 4 in my jap ma =_=


XD yeah. :P

KTAR swimming pool? I jump inside, no need u throw XD

chuan guan:

u jealous isit? =_=


lol don be so evil


3 days considered very few lol just kidding


do i? =_= I don wanna be celebrity la. Just wanna be friend. Someone personal and close enough to share your joy and sorrow. :)

calvin said...

Who is that Nagaoka-Cute-Guy har?

And now I'm confused why my name is mentioned when I didn't comment anything here....