Thursday, July 09, 2009

Khmer Venture - Faces

I will never forget those faces that I saw in Cambodia.

They were desperate, dirty, deep and devoted.

They live in poverty but they have integrity. I dropped my AngkorWat pass which was 40USD and a youngster ran to me and returned it. He could have sold it. 40USD is what a rural area Cambodian earn in a month.

My friend bought something and she forgot to take it and left it at the stall. On the second day, she returned and the guy, immediately asked her to take back her stuffs. He could have pretended he didn't know her.

They are people who are always curious about the outsiders.

They are people who hope the rich foreigner would pull them out from poverty.

They are people who prove that honesty and poverty can live together.

I think they are happier than us. Do you agree?


calvin said...

That is why you learn thousand and one things when you travel to an unknown land. The experiences are just priceless.

Agree with the last sentence. They don't have stress, they live their day in a moderate way, they don't have technology to distract them, and they don't have to blog xD

Niel said...

certainly. they are richer than most. :)

=chuan guan= said...

wow..din't neo such people still exist.. salute them

Eng Song Keat said...

yes i agree that they might be living a better life than us.

the more we know, the more we want. never ending.

Anonymous said...

to me, the more we know, the more we want, then the more we have, the greater responsibility to pay. haha~~

everyone of us have our responsibility to pay, for ourselves, the people around us, the things we have...that causes us to be sad, tension, worry...

leave a simply life, why not...if can...haha

hey, can i reprint this article? so that to let others can see this, a very good article...

da said...

good , go more places , see more faces

Kenneath said...

I would say YES!

Got people want to re-print your article some more... Geng ar you... thumbs up!

specialhuman said...



and blogging actually makes u less happier? XD


Couldn't agree more.

chuan guan:

You should always broaden your sight. Not everyone is like u.

Song Keat:

That's certain.


Thanks. It's not a problem to reprint this article, just remember to include the source :)


hahah yeah. and it's not a big deal la.