Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All the little things

It just gives me the chill of my life whenever I realize that I have less than one year remaining to call myself an undergraduate.

Sometimes I wonder if I am prepared for the seemingly harsh and competitive world outside the four walls.

I know it's a responsibility that I have to bear - to work and to support myself, especially when I am this OLD (thanks to those for constantly reminding me =_=). Nevertheless it just happens too fast - I graduated from high school, having a tough time choosing a university and course, then I proceeded with UTAR and then I built up a network of relationship in campus, off-campus, trying to figure out what my interest in, worked a bit of part time here and there, giving out tuitions, got my intern in Intel, joined society, engaged in church activities, just to name a few and voila, I spent my four years in Setapak.

Honestly, I am quite sentimental and I am always having a tough time going tru changes. A change of environment and people around always gives me impact that I need time to slowly adapt to.

and I guess it's time for me to slowly accept the fact that I am really that OLD and it's time for me to get ready for the harsh and cold world out there.

Anyway, in the remaining 8 months, I'll try my best to savour all the good, small things in campus life. I'll make full use of my identity as a student (like getting student price in the cinema or in the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra XD). I'll do things that I really wanted to do. :)

like rearing some fish

Not all things in university are good, at least not this RM3.50 economic rice with an incredibly small portion

and as an electronic final year student, I frequent Jalan Pasar alot.

and suprisingly found this porridge at jalan pasar tasted quite good

and I have made swimming a weekly habit.

There are a lot more things I would definitely try to accomplish within my lifespan as a student. Simply because I hate feeling regret. I don't wanna look back in my life and quesion myself, "Why didn't I do this why didn't I do that"

I often think that memories are of sentimental value. I wish to have some nostalgic moment where I can smile whenever I think back. and it's not the huge and bombastic things in life, it's all the small things.

and you ask me about getting a girl friend? Sorry it's too personal to blog about that. :P


yekhong said...

wow, u have the same thinking with me! i also plan to join as much activities as i can in the remaining 8 months!

getting a gf? why? u have a fantastic life over here, surrounded by numbers of bf. haha

lets enjoy our uni life together, for the last few months:)

Sherril 雪乐 said...

haha take yekhong as your bf la!

you guys will do great for sure for the remaining 8 months =) after u have graduated do not forget me this lil kid k?

your post reminds me that i still have another 1 year and 8 months until i graduate. must fully utilize it =)

kykhor said...

hey fellow KV's housemates: give us some hints of KV's gf lar...

Choon Kiat said...

hey~ you should clarify that the two guys in the photo is not final year student leh~

Later others thought i am so old...XD

stupid said...


Më| §zë said...

you like mpo too??

maybe you can ask sok yin about it, we used to go quite often last year..

maybe you wanna join in our next outing?

kaemin said...

...without GF isn't a problem, just don get home with a BF next time...

calvin said...

lol @ kaemin's comment.

anyway, tired of urging you to get a gf already. maybe you're more inclined towards guys xD

and this post sound very familiar to one entry you blogged before ;)

Lee Zhi Hong said...

Yih Wen will be sad if you bring another boy home...
Way to go...

kae vin said...


hahah. hell yeah. and we'll be busy like hell.

and those fanstastic bf includes you hor? XD

yeah. let's live it to the fullest.


lol? I'll leave him for u. No worries XD

and yes i promise i'll never forget u XD

you got one more year so treasure your time :)


give up on that XD

Choon Kiat:

okay okay. anyway u look just as old as me XD


argh i miss ur presence :)

Mei Sze:

First of all welcome to my blog. :) haha

and i m not a big fan of mpo actually. Anyway i love those piano concerto and violin concerto and some special performances like jazz band. Thanks for you invitation. Usually my weekends will be packed with church activities so i'll see how.


Sure i wont go home with a bf, i'll go home with LOADS of BFsss XD


Who are you to judge me? You don't even know me XD

and which post is it similar to?

Zhi Hong:

shhhh....don't disclose the name here XD

u are way to go but my way gonna end soon :)