Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wake Up Call

I received a wake up call on a cozy morning and I wrote a song about that.

and I think I am only inspired to write a song when I am super-duber hyper mega extravaganza busy. lol. Is that a gift or something?

Anyway, the Robot Competition that had kept me busy was finally over (no, I wasn't the contestant but the organizer =_=) and it was cool. Gotta blog about it soon.

and there were so still so many Cambodian things to blog about.


verse 1
电话响起 忽然惊醒
睁开眼睛 忘了自己睡在哪里
你的声音 那么熟悉
我的情绪 却莫名其妙变得忧郁
verse 2
海市蜃楼 行尸走肉
生活是否 已经成了一种暴走
现实恶梦 人性丑陋
理想报负 在现实祭坛任人鱼肉
二十四个小时 不够让我日理万机
活在这个日渐冷漠世界 我不想再妥协
我不需要你的回报 只想看到个微笑
烟雾弥漫的钢铁森林里 连呼吸都费力
是否遗忘当初的热情 我想我迷失了我自己

I recorded 2 version. One acoustic and another piano with percussion and strings.

Piano version

If your browser doesn't support MP3, Click here to download

Acoustic version

If your browser doesn't support MP3, Click here to download

Feel free to comment and constructively critisize and help me to name this song. Thank you.

ps-> To bananas out there, you can try your luck with google translator. XD


kykhor said...

Epic English song wrote by KaeVin:

verse 1
Where did the telephone resound awakens
opens the eye to forget itself to rest in
yours sound that is familiar
with my mood actually to be bewildered becomes suddenly the melancholy

verse 2
mirage good-for-nothings lives
whether already to become one kind of storm to walk
the realistic nightmare human nature ugly
ideal newspaper negative, in the realistic sacrificial altar let the person of fish flesh

life already to collapse completely
for 24 hours insufficiently to let me originally take constant care of the many affairs of sate

to live in this was indifferent the world I not to want day after day to compromise
I not to need your repayment again only to want to see smile
hazy in the steel and iron forest the breath took the trouble
whether to forget the initial enthusiasm I to think I have lost me

lucas said...

nice song... the acoustic version sounds better.. you sounded strange in the piano version
but it's a great song

Sherril 雪乐 said...

i love the chorus part :)

specialhuman said...


You are not even close to banana


yeah i know. hahaha. Cos the timing a bit hard to catch


Thanks :)

stupid said...

wanna hear it live:)

specialhuman said...


you'll sure get the chance to :)

huiru said...

I like this!! Nice!