Monday, June 08, 2009


Let's take a break from Cambodia. I still have plenty of them to post.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to those who came back from the Army Boot Camp aka Askar Wataniah.

It's really great to see you guys coming back in one piece, burnt and built.

Honestly, I would have gone for the boot camp if it weren't for Robocon and Cambodia trip.

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold, the tough, torn and worn askar! 

I salute you guys for....

...the willingness to be mentally and physically tortured for a month

...all the hardship that you guys have been through

...bringing glory to our university

...surviving all the pain and bruises

..soaking in mud for four days

... and last and most importantly, being the best!

ps-> If there aren't any obstacle and if time allows, I will sure go for this one month torturous boot camp in the next year. it'll be their turns to torture me =_=

Anyone interested? (guan, this is your CALL!!!!)


Niel said...

Oh yea. I am so damn interested!!! =.=

chiaohan said...

still wan taunt..LOL

it' said...

seriously you shud gv it a try lar..
i guarantee u won't regret..
den me n benny can go bac as Demo to torture u guys more... XD

specialhuman said...


yeah go ahead n join!


lol where got taunt. This is 'encourage'


yeah. XD