Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blind Robot

Once upon a time, there was a robot which was blind and they named it blind robot.

One day, when he was trying to cross the road, a car went by and ramped over him and he died on the spot.

-the end-


Well, aherm, this was totally not what I am gonna blog about.

Blind Robot actually refers to robot that does not have


A blind robot is supposed to complete the designated task without getting any input/feedback from the external environment.

Sounds complicated? Let me give u a metaphor. hmmm, let say you are blind folded and you are supposed to drive from KL to Penang. So the only way to drive is to remember how hard you should step on the accelerator for a period of time and brake and after a certain time you have to make a right turn of a certain degree and if you successfully memorize all of them and presumably no random variable (like no elephant crossing the high way and no car moving around), you should reach Penang successfully.

Still don't understand? That's why I told you engineering is tough. XD

Anyway, this Blind Robot Competition was first of its kind to be launched in FES, UTAR.

Yeah, kononnya Faculty of Engineering and Science, after YEARS only got first Engineering-related competition. =_=

and I am so perasan that I was the organizing chairman. XD

So about 4 months ago we started with the promotion of this competition but too bad, we thought UTAR student very sporting, so we didn't actually think about the prize. This was the initial poster:

We sticked about 10 posters around the campus and we were anticipating for contestatns. Day after day we waited but it was like a stone drop into a well so deep that it didn't even echo. Aiyo, of course lar, no prize where got people pay attention to your competition wor, so naive, although the poster very beautiful la.

The initial design by Da Vincentz

So we had a meeting and decided that we must have a four-digit worth of prize. Or else there wouldn't be people joining.

I went around like mad dogs knocking doors of companies and of course I was turned down by a lot of companies and it was a bad time for the electronics field. Who cared about what blind man competition wor....

Anyway, thanks to some connection of mine and our advisor Dr. Tan, we finally managed to get sponsor from a few companies and it added up together four-digit.

So I quickly reprinted the poster and pasted it in the campus

The second design with RM1000 PRIZE

At the end of the day, there were 7 teams register for this competition. My initial target was only 5 teams. hehehe, beyond expectation. :P

Spare the details of all the preparations and some conflicts between the organizer (translate: me) and the contestants, this very day finally arrived.

The mini-stage and the backdrop of the event. (FES is too small to have any place for us to hold a big event =_=)

There were also a team of proffesionals who built the field.

Then we had a opening ceremony by officially declaring the robot as blind. B-D

the sponsors, advisor and DSA officer and me :P

There were 7 teams but one of them burnt their motor and gave up. So there were only 6 teams. Each with a unique team name XD

When the competition started, the VIPs got to enjoy some really nice food :P That's what happen when a foodie became the chairperson of an event. XD We also gave out free drinks and free magazines from Cytron Technologies to pull the crowd to this event.  

They were the judges of the event. They did one hell of a good job I would say :)

There were some very professional comittees all having different jobs to make sure that the competition was running smooth.

and students were glued around the field to watch the competition.

and both of the emcee were talkative enough to attract the attention of the crowd XD

and finally, the blind robot hit on the road!

Run Forest Run!

There was actually a set of rules on how the robot would score. For example, passing the blue checkpoint would earn 3 points. The team with the most points would win the competition and walk away with RM1000 worth of prize! Although it may seems easy, it is never easy! Without getting feedback from the surrounding, the robot was always disturbed by the external environment eg the floor marking tape/the cleavage of the floor.

The winning teams

All the contestants and the workforce and comittee. You guys are awesome! Without you, there wouldn't be a blast! 

I sincerely hope that, UTARians will move forward and strive for excellence. Step on the shoulder of pioneers and achieve greater heights. Don't just stop here.

and UTAR would have a place in the Robotic world not long after.

Would it?


Anonymous said...

"The cleavage of the floor"? My dear Kae Vin, please go find a girlfriend. :P

Feel free to delete this comment :)

Niel said...

Really neat piece of organising. :)

ChoonKiat said...

our motorbike super yeng!!

stupid said...


yekhong said...

Congrats to u, as u did a great job as well.
This probably is one of the most successful event held in UTAR,so glad that i was part of it.

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

All the good things only happen after I graduate. Haha.. Gotta catch with u n the "soldier" from Indon and his handsome bro when i am back in KL next month till first week of August for my convo. Haha..

=chuan guan= said...

cleavage....LOL..too much cleavage for u in wet dreams?hahahaa

calvin said...

So, my question is, what did the chairperson do throughout this competition? Giving instructions to the people below him?


Sherril 雪乐 said...

Haha his job is to sign the certificates of the participants. He was sooo perasan while signing.

Anyway, everyone praised the event so congratz! Sorry i didnt attend it.
Keep up the good job!

specialhuman said...


hahahah. Stop picking on the cleavage! lol


Thanks :)


Too bad you are too big to ride on it :P


yeah. thanks!


hahah you are one of the reason that it's a successful event too XD

yew soon,

hahah you are welcomed back to take a double degree :P and yeah, please call me when you are back. Gotta meet up yo~!

chuan guan,

malas nak layan lu.


I think sherril answered ur question :P

and i m more capable than that k?


aiyo u r telling the whole world i m so perasan. =_=

and thanks! the only thing that's not successful is that you were not attending the competition lo. :P

pUrpoSe oF LiFe said...

you made me miss utar..

okie, maybe because of the tarts..


specialhuman said...

purpose of life:

lol~ that one imported from outside, not UTAR XD