Thursday, June 25, 2009

Khmer Venture - Siva Linga

I still dreamt about being stucked in Angkor Wat the other day. We missed the flight and we had to stay there for a long time, which I felt, glad. :)

I had been trying hard to potray the beauty of the place, using words, photo but it barely expressed what I saw and the impact that this country gave me. That is why I stop trying.

Walking on this mysterious land of wonders, I was easily immersed in its beauty and swiped away by its gorgeousness.

For every step I took, I tried hard to remember everything - the scene, the smell, the temperature, the humidity, the people, the sound..... 

and it never failed to awe me.



JohnCoeinne said...

Dreaming tat if tat was me.. I donnoe how amaze i will feel..

stupid said...

i love that pic! it's like reading comic book~

kiwi said...

i love last right corner picture,as it give us a strong contrast of X-decade young with a legendary buiding.

i think it is the best photo i see in the blog.

calvin said...

You learn new things when you visit new places.
That is why traveling is so much fun =)

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

feel like going to Cambodia for a backpacking trip too. ^ ^ Grrrr.. Haha.. but i will know who to get the tips on travelling to Cambodia next time. Wink!

+_c said...

nice photos..and arrangement
+_c likes it^^~

+_c said...

and, I think you forgot to explain what your title meant to be..
Siva Linga~ lol

specialhuman said...


:) you can experience them in the future. No worries :)


hahah but there's no dialogue ;p


Really? Thank you. You really have good imagination. and i don't think that guy is X-generation la. He belongs to the Museum :P


True. Traveling is a good eye-opener

yew soon:

Go there and make sure your camera got enough memory storage! XD and sure no prob, more than willing to share my experience ;)


hehe thank you thank you. Next time arrange for u :)

and....I would prefer Siva Linga remains an insider joke, since no one asked about it here. XD

Anonymous said...

can u stop!i am more handsome!ass!fuck!