Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Khmer Venture - The Power Rangers

"I study law in university. This is my third year. My class starts from 6 to 9. One day, I am going to form my own party and be the prime minister of Cambodia."

the tour guide

In year 2019, Lara Croft went missing in the midst of the Kingdom of Wonder. That is why the government of Cambodia decided to ask help from the United Nation. Thus, the UN sends a team of well-trained elite power rangers 10 years back in time to investigate the mystery of this peculiar incident.

They are known as the Power Rangers.

There is a global black out in 2019. The United Nation tells the world that it is actually Earth Day and they are trying to save the earth. In fact, the time machine is overloaded with 8 rangers, trying to bend the space and time continuum.

Anyway, all 8 rangers landed in Bayon Temple, Siem Reap, year 2009 in one piece. Erm, perhaps 8 pieces?

Despite of the jet-lag fatigueness, the rangers were briefed by the secret agent on their mission once they stepped their feet into these land of wonders.

They were told to search for an evil smiling demonic statue as it was the reason of all the mysterious incidents

The blue and yellow rangers kicked off and started to look for it

The orange ranger wasn't lagging behind either

Meanwhile, the pink ranger meditated at Baphuon to use his psychic power to search for the demon.

To make sure that the process of the searching wasn't interupted, the white and blue ranger guarded the door to forbid any unauthorized personnel to enter the ruins of Bayon Temple.

Then, the pink ranger sensed an evil aura at Phimeanaka and he rushed there. However, to his disappointment, green ranger was there and told him that he got it wrong

Red ranger suspected the demon was hiding in a tree. So he asked for help from blue ranger and white ranger to break the tree. To their dismal, there wasn't any demon inside the tree too.

The yellow ranger thought he had found it but he was apparently wrong. It was merely a smelly buttock.

After all day long, they still found themselves witho no clues. So green ranger and blue ranger started to play hide and seek to prevent dying from boredom.

The orange ranger even used kage-bunshi no jitsu to speed up the searching process. Well, actually he was playing hide and seek with himself la.

As the weather was getting warmer, the red ranger had no choice but to use his ultimate weapon to block the sun. The blue ranger took advantage of him and shared the shade.

However, the purple ranger who forgot to wear a purple shirt found a place full of statues at the Terrace of the Leper King. So he gathered up the rangers to carpet the whole area. Still, they couldn't find the demonic statue.

Anyway, the smart yellow ranger tipped off the guardians of the ruins with some mentos. Happily, they told yellow ranger that the demon was hiding somewhere behind a big tree.

With the clue from the guardians, all the 8 rangers gathered up at the very famous Ta Phrom ruins and searched under this big tree. Nevertheless, it wasn't there.

Not here either.

The orange ranger turned around and voila, he saw the demonic face right in front of him. With the speed of lightning, he used his super power of squeezing acidic orange juice and melted the statue in a split second.

The rangers jumped frantically to celebrate the triumph over the devil.

So, they took a break at the Elephant Terrace and waited for the 2019 United Nation to get them back.

Out of all sudden, all the rangers felt a pain in their chest and they lost their consciousness right away. They did not know what happen.

From the bodies, the green ranger walked out and raised the ultimate weapon of red ranger.

She had killed all of them.

No one knew why. It remained a misery until today......

and the demonic statue, was still smiling somewhere deep in the ruins.......

-The End-


stupid said...


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA , I have to admit , impresive and original

goo said...

"The blue ranger took advantage of him and shared the shade."
THERE IS SOMETHING SO WRONG WITH THAT STATEMENT.....btw why the pink ranger always weak , and now is a guy izzit?

+_c said...

'The rangers jumped frantically to celebrate the triumph over the devil.

what about the yellow ranger?why dont he celebrate?

ws said...

interesting story... sugoi. haha

yekhong said...

lol, interesting story - The power Rangers 大闹 Angkor Wat

DaVincent said...

i like tis place a lot ^^!! n nice story XD

YiShin said...
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YiShin said...

Hey, how come the green ranger killed others!! Interesting story. You really have good imagination!!

kym said...

Sad ending T T
7 rangers were killed by green ranger..
Waiting for 2nd episod =P

=chuan guan= said...

i prefer baja hitam

Anonymous said...

What a crap!! Haha^^

specialhuman said...




Thanks :)


lol. Well, i purposely wrote that XD

and I don't understand your question.


Simply because he was busy taking photo XD


hahah thanks! Arigatou.


XD yeah.


Thanks a lot :) You can alway write your very own story :)


Well, I leave it to all of the readers' imagination


hahaha. yeah. The green ranger very bad!

=chuan guan=:

go make ur baja hitam story la.


XD yeah! but that's wat people like. Isn't it?

anson said...

cruel green ranger!!!
she has to be killed off in next episode...

LucasLost said...

u can bcm a script writer!

† Thomas † said...

love it ~! :) very very nice!

specialhuman said...


lol I was trying to come out with a plot of she dying but i failed XD


XD yes I think i could :P


Thanks ;) and welcome to the blogosphere XD

anson said...

however, those 7 rangers re-born just with their natural gift!

they decided to break up with green ranger after that.

(then you have to support this of coz with a suitable photo! :p)