Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I am having a brain freeze right now.

Tomorrow will be the first day of Robocon 2009.

When we were balloting for our grouping today, there was this team which was sitting just a few seats away.

As we got our lucky ping-pong ball, we happened to be in the same team as they.

and a geek guy in their group, without hesitating, shouting out loud


=_= alala, often they said the snobbish rabbit will lose the race to the tortoise.

We'll see how tomorrow. ;)

A glimpse of the field in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.

Argh thinking about the competition never fails to give me adrelina rush XD

p/s-> I'll write up a complete post about our robots and competition when my exam is done

yes, I still have a paper this Friday and another one next Monday. @_@


yekhong said...

haha,its funny.
If i were them, and know that the opponent team is the 1st time taking part in this competition i would be very happy as well.

Anyway, good luck to us tomorrow.

chiaohan said...

taunted..haha..nvm la..try ur vry best den will no regrets..hehe..

gud luck..once ur team overtake de geek team den ur whole team ma shout "F**K YES!!!!!"

stupid said...

tell me all when we meet~~

Niel said...

Wow. Do your best!

PrincessX said...

good luck! :)

LucasLost said...

all the best!!!
i saw my fren did clipper!
he went to japan!

pUrpoSe oF LiFe said...

=) let me see..let me see!!! =P

anson said...

congrats congrats!! for the match that you have just won today...

beat the geek team tomorrow..

by the way, stay focus on your exam tomorrow as well... :p

calvin said...

from the comments i saw, i suppose you managed to overcome the rabbit team? congrats!

and all the best in your remaining papers =)

p/s: 頑張ってね。日本で会えるかもしれない ^^

sherril said...

tell me how it went k? haha i didnt join but i can see you all put in damn lot of efforts =)

all the best for your remaining papers!

Anonymous said...

so menang tak>?

specialhuman said...

yek hong:

we entered the 16 :)


yeah. hahahaha. We didn't do that. I just walked and sat beside them and asked,

"What's your mark today huh?"



yeah sure




Thanks! We indeed had some :)


Ic! Thanks




ありがとうございます!日本に行きません!MMU とUTMはすごいです!XD


Sure! but I bet Tzy Shyuan will tell u more :)


You bet! XD

calvin said...

Well, you can't be surprised because that's their speciality. Anyway, I know your team had given your best =D

P/S: I studied at UTM before hahaha xD