Thursday, May 14, 2009

Robocon 2009

Robocon is an annual robotic competition that has been held since 8 years ago. It first started in year 2002 at Tokyo. It's considered one of the most happening robotic-related event among the Universities in Asia.

Each year, the particular organizing country will come out with their very own unique theme. and I always find the theme to be a bit too long and peculiar. In 2006, hosted by Malaysia, the theme was "Building the World’s Tallest Twin Tower". =_=

Anyway, The contestants will have to make their robots to complete the tasks which is related to the theme. Therefore, before the match between all Asia Pacific representatives, each country will have their very own national level match with the same requirement and theme of the game. Then, the winner of each country will be sponsored to proceed to the Asia-Pacific region level. Meaning the winner this year will have the chance to go to Tokyo, Japan. (*green-eye*)

This year, the theme is "Travel Together for the Victory Drums". (again, long and peculiar XD) The contestants are required to make three robots. Two are required to carry one on a wooden palanquin (somehow it reminds me of penguin XD)to a specific location and unload it. Then the one being carried will be coming down from the palanquin and go and hit the drum. Couldn't visualize it? See this video lar.

2009 has marked a pretty memorable milestone for UTAR as this is the first year UTAR to have a team to participate in Robocon.

Frankly, UTAR was obviously still lagging behind. However, the effort and the time that we have put into doing this robot was not any less than any other universities. It's just that we are too new and inexperienced in this.

Anyway, next year it will be a different story. We will definitely make things happen! 

The Blue Team

The Red Team

Albeit blurry, I love this photo :)

When the competition ended, we took the chance to camwhore XD

First outside the field

Then inside the field with everyone staring at us XD

The ultimate pose XD

Let's look forward to 2010.


kykhor said...

Please stop!

Stop doing things that leads to human kind annihilation!

*oops in Terminator mood

=chuan guan= said...


anson said...

u purposely labeled the photos wrongly? red and blue team... ^_^

Anonymous said...

U look so dashing in the pics ahhh besides the crappy robot. By the way did u check the sypocrinator circuit on the robot? It filters the harmonics component that will enable the motor to move in a smoother manner. Also another tip for you.. the radial strain of the metal body should be less to improve stability

Yap Choon Kiat said...

1 step more to get "Best AYAM award"...

Kyflein said...

congrates yo.. :P

yekhong said...

ya, robocon 2010...

specialhuman said...


lol. I thought you love transformer more? :P


lansi :P


Nope. Accidentally. Sorry and I don't plan to change it :P


What are you crapping? =_= Can't even find sypocrinator circuit in google.

Choon Kiat:

Yeah. Almost there :P


Thanks man!


XD let's do it!