Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am back in Malaysia. In KL now waiting for school to reopen.

Siem Reap, Cambodia was a great destinations. I have heard, seen, touched, felt, learnt and experienced things that I never did before. It was also some sort of runaway. For the past 5 days I did not pick up a call or thought about anything Malaysia-ish. Just plain enjoying. :)

On a side note, the previous exam result is out. Not really good this time. Perhaps I was too distracted. Anyway still sufficient to maintain my scholarship. :)

and I have officially moved into my new room.

Gonna blog about the Angkor trip in notime. Stay tuned ;)

Just a picture to keep you anticipating ;)


Anonymous said...

i swear i have seen that monuments before! have u played tombraider 3?!they have the same sculptures like tat!

Niel said...

Fugitive-style vacations are always cool and fun. ^^

anson said...

congratulation bro!

JohnCoeinne said...


kym said...

can c ur fat...must be eating a lot of good food in Cambodia =P
how's the stippler bullet u ate accidently? XD

calvin said...

chill weh, try be like me lah, still haven't blog about my korean trip after more than two months lol

pUrpoSe oF LiFe said...

faster..pls post your pics soon..*sigh*.. i really want to see them

Anonymous said...

cepat lah update!

specialhuman said...


You sure had. It's not deja vu


Fugitive? =_= It was planned almost 1 year ago.


For? XD




Where got fat? =_= THe staple bullet? XD Digested :P


if too long I'll lose the mood to blog about it ady. Coz now my memory still fresh. If wait too long, all forget liao lo.

purpose of life:

hahaha. Your first comment here :P Kk it's up now :)


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