Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Krispy Day

Today's the final day of exam! Right after that, everyone headed towards different places, directions and destinations.

Well, we are also officially entering our final year.

That's why everyone is eager to do what has been longed to be done.

It can be as tiring as joining Robocon

As bald bold as joining Askar Wataniah

as sweet as having a bite of Krispy Kreme

as sweaty as eating a bowl of beef noodle.

I just simply love life after exam because I get to do what I want to do. Do you? :)


calvin said...

It's rare for me to be the first to comment here.

Anyway, heard that they have opened KK at Pavilion recently. No need for me to tapao them back from Tokyo anymore in the future haha...

Niel said...

Separations in life can be both sweet and sour eh? ><

Anonymous said...

hi , hope u guys enjoyed the krispy kreme,

usagi~chan said...

i wan krispy kreme toooo T.T
u din bring me T.T

~Live Life~ said...

All d best in your last final...and have a great time after this...

Good luck in the Robocon...

I have two months to do whatever I like...haha!

specialhuman said...


hahaha. happy? and KK is now open in Berjaya Times Square, not Pavilion


yeah. Y not?


Yes we did


hahaha. next time :P

live life:

Yeah everything has passed ady. and you are now in Penang? Me too XD