Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sushi Bonanza

I am gonna have my first day of exam in two days time.

Anyway, just a simple post with some simple pictures for you guys to savour~

Enjoy :)

RM2 per plate.

To get this, I waited for 20 minutes :(

This was how we looked like after swallowing 10 sushis in half an hour time :P

8 person, 70 ++ Plates~ I think that wasn't really a lot

This was how I looked like at the billing counter XD

argh, time to get back to my books =_=


Anonymous said...

hi , let me guess , the place is klcc sushi king?, anyway thanx for the mmmmmm pics

~Live Life~ said...

Come on...eating sushi should be enjoyable and fun!

Anonymous said...

live life just commented one minute later after me , lol, bye

LucasLost said...

you look like... ur face been hit! the shusi's revenge!!!


Niel said...

haha. u guys can really eat. But sushi aint my thing T_T

stupid said...

those faces told me one thing:
Never eat at sushi king!

anson said...

i wonder how much per person at the end...

RM2 per plate * 70+ plates
= RM140++

only RM18 per person!!!!


PrincessX said...

so nice...i didn't even get my salmon sushi! grr~~~ the service was BAD in KK!

JohnCoeinne said...

Oh.. Expecting ur next poSt on ur RoboT's projeCt..

anson said...

just realised this:

when i type "kaevin blogspot" in google search, ur blog appeared at the top!

biomedical engineer said...

emm,you are really a bit...
but not life not music,
but got sushi ,life is wonderful ..
gd luck in final o

Kenneath said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenneath said...

That place is just near my house and i missed it... Damn it!!

Anonymous said...

hi have a post exam food bash and post it k? dun forget!

specialhuman said...


nope you were wrong :)

live life:

It was! XD


was that even worth mentioning? =_=


lol is it? XD


hahaha. u'll like it when u like it :P


hahaha. YEAH :P I too eat there once in a year when there's rm2 bonanza


you answered your own questions XD




Perhaps next next post :)


=_= yeah right

biomedical engineer:

your name is so freaking long XD
Thanks. You too. (why got sushi life wonderful? =_=)


hahaha. Next time[read: Next year] :p


Plan to invade Kripspy Kreme. Interested to join us? :)