Friday, April 03, 2009


Still pretty much in shape I reckon? XD

Priority List:

1. Finals 25 Apr - 11 May 
2. Robocon 7 - 10 May
3. Teen Camp 19 - 22 Sept
4. Cambodia Trip 20 - 25 May
5. Move House - 1 May 
6. Going out for dinner - now


argh lame post :P


Niel said...

lol. this is comprehensible la -__-

=chuan guan= said...

da kettle called da pot black...

Anonymous said...

ur 61.5kg? ur that heavy?

Kyflein said...

wow.. Robocon + Finals!

I can see u hv a nice schedule.. :P
All da best in all!! =)

LucasLost said...

* this is not related to the post*

Omg! how you get me? well if i am not wrong the last time i meet you was '05! where i pick up some of my guitar skill from you!

of course i do remember you! xD
glad that can keep in touch with you again!

calvin said...

Photo: Checked
Words: Checked

Still considered an entry, right?

P/S: You sure you're that tall? xD

boon said...

fat pig

kym said...

hey any update for the trip?

anson said...


like that also can?


specialhuman said...


I guess so?

Chuan Guan:



Yes I am


Not nice at all =_=


I found u in Khai Sheng's blog. I was the one who commented on alomst every post of his :)


Yes I am.


Thank you.


Yeah I'll update you guys soon.


He's just too desperate :)

kym said...

anson: just shun pian leave a msg here coz i knew he will reply de XD

SH: maybe u r right =P