Sunday, April 12, 2009


I hated it when it rained, on a sunny day.

The heat from the vaporisation was giving me a tough time.

There was not a single moment that I didn't sweat when I was outdoor.

I hated it when I felt helpless.

I realized there were so many things to do and yet I didn't feel like doing it.

I needed to pull myself through all these.

The ugliness of humanity is making me puke.

and it made it worst when I realized I am human too.

and disappointment didn't make it better either.

I wanted to focus but I was distracted along the way.

What will you do, when there are more than one choices?

I tried to choose all at the same time. and I knew it was a mistake that shouldn't be done, twice. But I did it, still.

and I ended up nothing, but fatigueness.

and I perplexedly laughed at my own silliness.

It's like a monologue that no one listens to.

and yet I am having one right now.

When you give up something for some other things, for some other people, and somehow you find that they don't even care.

I try to persuade myself that it's worthy.

and I guess my persuasion was not that successful.

to those who care enough to read till this line, I am alright perfectly alright.

I just needed to vent out what's inside me.

Honestly, I just needed a break.


anson said...

so deep. :)

Niel said...

Hey this shouldn't be labelled as crap la. Venting out frustration is COOL -___-

yew_soon@りゅうこ said...

It is a human thing to sweat if u talking biologically. ^ ^ Only robots dun sweat and do multitasking. Hmmm.. i wonder if there are any human.. any.. tat dun feel frustrated before or stressed out. Long time dun see u...

joe wee chuah said...

i feel u bro..totally....
sometimes i feel the same way too...
oh eh??

sherril said...

take a break take a kit kat...

dun push yourself too hard, alright?

all the best in the upcoming finals!

take care

Anonymous said...

i want to eat a kit kat

kym said...

When you give up something for some other things, for some other people, and somehow you find that they don't even care.

I agreed with this phrase coz i had the same experiences..

kaemin said...

tat is life ... zzz

ShinT said...

You labelled it as craps, but i dun think it is. That's what I feel right now, but i hope this is just a short transition.

Anonymous said...

i need food

specialhuman said...


Not really :)


lol. Isn't that known as EMO? XD

yew soon:

Yeah really long time never see u. and sometimes I thought I am robot too :P

joe wee:

LIFE...such a simple and huge word huh?


yeah thanks. U too. :)


go ahead.


;) coz you are much older than me! XD

kaemin: that life? XD


yeah let's just get it over with.


yeah everybody knows that