Thursday, April 16, 2009


It has come to an end. It's entering a new chapter, again. It's the exam period now.

What makes it so different this time, is that I'll be handling exam and Robocon at the same time. On a side note, our robots are now functioning and in testing phase. Keep my finger crossed that they will achieve what they should be and I can still pass my finals with flying colour or whatsoever.  

Anyway, here I am to blog about my just-passed Multimedia assignment.

Yeah you heard me right, electronic students need to take multimedia subject too.


perhaps they want the future engineer to have creative and out-of-the box mindset. XD

Here's some screen-shot of my group's assignment.

The Intro

The Main-menu

The Ad

The Product

The Game

About Us

The Easter Egg

Hehe. Tempted to try it on? Sorry la. Due to our inexperience-ness in doing multimedia assignment, we have made the file size to be super huge. It's around 120mb in total. I tried to upload them but unsucessful. Maybe when it's done I'll put a link in the next post.

Anyway, I just felt glad that we could all pull it through as we were aiming high for this assignment (since it's our first, and also last multimedia-theme assignment)
and I am just grateful for having such great team mates!

:) Cartoonized. (and yeah, I know the cartoonized me look a bit too fat :P )

and last but not least, all the best in finals to all UTARIANS!

ps-> up next, our post-multimedia-presentation celebration in Sushi king. (hint: We got 2 member cards XD)


anson said...

nothing special to be the first... :p

too fat meh? nol ah...
大肥脸 only mah... wuahahaha...

u guys really talented in doing that... big hands...

LucasLost said...

lol why not shrink the face before hand?

~Live Life~ said...

That was pretty cool!

Can't wait to have a look on the real thing...

All d best in your finals!

stupid said...


Anonymous said...

hi, i cant wait for the food post...damn nice blog

calvin said...

Gonna comment on the last picture, cartooned one. I quote, "and yeah, I know the cartoonized me look a bit too fat :P"I thought you already fat in real life?

Kyflein said...


Why don't we have this course offered??! =.=

The cartoons r reali cute ^^

specialhuman said...


ala.....:( u next time.


hahaha. Never tot of it ma

Live Life:

Thanks! I'll try to upload the real thing :)




Do you like food really that much? XD


okay watever. *shrugged*


hahaha. Change uni la, you still can make it. :P

Kenneath said...

Shawn's weight --> undisclosed.. LOL!!