Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is a picture and caption post.

Due to the heavy workload in uni, we decided to break free and get some fresh air. FRIM is reasonably a cool place to go.

We first had our breakfast at Selayang.

If you can't tell what is this, doubt yourself as a Malaysian Chinese. XD

and we started to hike upon paying the entrance fee. (RM1 for each person and RM5 for a car.)

The Frats in FRIM

Then we camwhore at the waterfall. The shutter speed of 2 photo above were 1/100 and 1/13 for the 2 photo below. Notice the difference?

This is a self-timer group photo. Where did I put my camera?

It was here XD

The Liverpool Fans

Mr Potato's Ad

and no, we were not paid to do this. =_=

and we saw that on the way home.


calvin said...

why always post naked pictures in your blog one? i know girls will love them, but we guys?

kykhor said...

bak kut teh?

=chuan guan= said...

y so brief?

shawn kL said...

plying with shutter time wor, so pro. Where is the most interesting photo of master potato? Liverpool fans???? Wat about the middle finger?

Anonymous said...

the guy in the mister potato ad sticking his tongue out looks like he acted in porn XD

stupid said...

that waterfall photo would be even better without a GUY standing there!

Good job~

usagi~chan said...

shud post leng-chai-er guys....

DaVincent said...

eh.. nice trip ^^ next time need ask more bout trip from u

specialhuman said...


lol. go waterfall need to wear spacesuit meh?



chuan guan:

no time to write long long ma

shawn KL:

so many questions =_=


lol i guess u r really familiar with that.


haha. got guy nicer :p


sorry la....this is the best i can offer :P


hahah. sure! :)