Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am broke and I need money. But I have no extra time to do a part time job.

I am thinking over and over again about putting advertisement in my blog. There's a 2 year-old company just around the corner known as Nuffnang and it is popular among bloggers.

It's simple. By displaying Nuffnang ads in my blog, i'll be paid according to the visitors number and clicks on page of my blog.

However, putting ads in my blog = commercialize my blog, which is the last thing I wanna do.

but I am broke =_=

So it's a matter of principle vs money.

It's just that this principle is not really absolute and it can be amended XD

Do you think it's worth it? Please cast your vote at the side bar!

Thank you! :)

ps-> Have your say in this matter as my decision will be based on the result of the poll. :)


Niel said...

dun want la. i xienz when i read blogs with those ads.besides can u reli earn that way?

shawn kL said...

Actually no harm. Just like adding another sitemeter to the blog. Maybe can throw a party to spend all the reader sweets when u cash out. XD

Anonymous said...

i dun think so . specialhuman is special for a reason

sherril said...

haha dun think until it is that bad. you are not commercializing it, you just earn some side income.

Besides, u get to meet and make frens with other bloggers.

For me I feel that there is no harm =) agree with Kien Loong!

And I wonder, who will be so kind to DONATE to u??!!!

kaemin said...

swt... basically i don understand ur principle, for me, i don think the ads are so eyesore and same time, agree with KL and leng lui sherril that ads are totally no harm...

actually, I still hav to wonder why didnt u get the ads in ur blog when u started ur blog seriously...

proverb says, 'got money earn why don earn', it may not earn u a lot lar of coz, bt at least u will get a little a time...

I would vote YES
it isn't too late
who knows...

kaemin said...
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stupid said...

i vote the last option~ but i'm broke2,haha

anson said...

putting ads is not a big deal for me..
just wondering whether it will have pop-up features or not..
i particularly hate those pop-ups..
so i will only vote after getting more details from u..

leong said...

actually u can try to add the ads for few months to testing.. c how's the response and how much u can earn.. or u try to not spend too much lo.. i also broke lei.. haiz..

Catherine said...

agree with leong, give yourself a try and c whether is worthy. No harm giving a try...trial and error is always the best way to grow! :p

If you are broke, there are few ways too like showing your talent in the street. bring your guitar and sing to the crowd with a cap in front! m sure u can gain a lot! haha!! i will sure go and support you!

Anonymous said...

fuck off

=chuan guan= said...

i had my last laugh...lalala

kaemin said...

pls be a little bit civilized ...

specialhuman said...


lol. Can earn a bit monthly side income la. At least enough for a few days spending lo.


Nuffnang got pay u isit? :P


Specialhuman needs to eat too :(


haha. But I really have that feeling of commercializing.

so far got 3 people say wanna donate to me liao XD

kae min:

hahaha. Well my principle is just that my blog is a personal diary. You will only see ads in newspaper right? You wont see ads in a personal diary one ma.

Anyway, some people write their own biograhpy and sell it for money. So i might as well earn while I am writing one XD


XD nvm u r the last person i will ask donation from :P


No pop-out features. You can vote now XD


Every student will say they r broke XD

and I'll consider your suggestion. :)

Afterall, you are the business student! XD


Go which road sing? Later got beaten by other freelance singers a. XD

=chuan guan=:

laugh puas puas!


Anonymous just wanted some attention. Let's not give him what he wanted. XD

Kenneath said...

LOL.. Shawn.. if you got cash out alr, then throw a party for us lah! Haha.. You are not broke by the way.. so you have no excuse not to do so!!

Well, kaevin, actually no harm to give it a try.. maybe ppl will purposely come to your blog to view the ads... [freezing] ~ LOL!!

weiAnn said...

well..When there is opportunity to earn, Grab it!!!..especially in the economic crisis happening opportunity is even more golden...Although the earning might be little..hehe