Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Angry Student

Due to the insufficient carpark space in my university, most of the unlucky students who failed to apply for car park sticker will have to park their cars outside, leaving their cars to possible thefts, sabotage, graffiti and summons.

Well it actually built up the parking skill of students too. Without fail, you are able to see creative ways of the art of car parking around the campus.

It's so thoughtful of the university to train the students without demanding for a fee. (yeah, they charged RM250 annually for a carpark in my campus.) 

Anyway, to comfort the angry soul of the students who didn't manage to apply for carpark, the uni opens up a car park space at a block (S-block) further away from the campus to students with no carpark sticker.

I was one of the unfortunate who failed to apply for carpark sticker. (well i didn't bother to, as the queue for the carpark application started one day before the school starts, at 2pm, 10 hours before the time to distribute the application form, 12am. You hear me right, the uni asked the students to queue up for carpark application at 12am MIDNIGHT =_=|| It's totally no surprising if I see students who camp 3 days before just to get the application form in next semester).

Anyway, I was able to park my car in S-block and I had totally no complaints for that.

Like any Monday morning, I drove my car to the uni with my usual Monday-blue and the thought of attending the 9am class had made me psychologically unstable.

When I drove to the usual guard house, I winded down my side-window and I was about to lift my hand and say thank you.

and the gate didn't open (no, it was just a manual one)

So i asked the guard,

"Saya mau park dekat S-block"

"Takde sticker tak boleh masuk!"

"Tapi saya mau park kat S-block saje. Takde sticker pun boleh masuk S-block kan?"

"Tak boleh tak boleh"

Confused, I drove away bitterly.

and I parked my car outside.

I walked pass S-block and I saw a lot of cars with no sticker parking nicely in the space.   

My heart was smouldering with wrath.

How could they do this to me???

and I furiously walked to the guard house.

"Kenapa ada kereta yang takde sticker?!" I confronted the guard.

The guard was intimidated and pointed at the security head.

I stomped forward and I yelled

"Why are you practising double-standard? I saw tons of cars with no sticker in S-block and yet your guards blocked me"

"No....they were final year students.."

"Stop lying to me! I saw non-final year students' cars! This is totally unfair!"

"No...because there were students who said they wanted to park in S-block but they drove in the campus....so..."

"I have been parking in S-block everyday without fail for the past 2 weeks! Out of all sudden you are blocking me and allowed other cars to go in?"

"okokok...i'll take down your carplate number and you can park inside."


"Oh, the proton is it? okokok. I'll record it down."

"Ok thanks. I'll now go and drive my car in, and you better make sure the guards are not blocking me."

"okok sure sure...."

and I walked out and drove my car in. I was 30 minutes late for class.

The guards will never look at the proton the same way again.



calvin said...

The most common action to take from this bitter experience would be to complain to the administration, but as if we still don't know too well about the sucky administrative system in Malaysia, they will tell you, "Yes, we will investigate."

I am still confused though. Why do the uni open the application for the car park stickers in the first place, when there is already a parking space for the cars without stickers at S-block?

If that's the case, then aren't those who line-up for hours just to get an application forms, are fools, because you can still park your car at S-block?

But yet again, there is that double-standard problem. To be honest, if I face such situation, I will be pissed off as well, but I wouldn't know what will be the next course of action =\

Cum said...

calvin: the s block is just a small portion .its small and doesnt have much space. the main fools in utar are the admin officers that dont seem to have a better system to take cars in. And by the way , Utar is an extremely small campus , u should come there once to see it.And By the way,if u do visit utar,be sure to catch the canteen food. Its one of the 10 wonders in malaysia .Its equivalent to 5 star hotel food.

calvin said...

Hi Cum!

I wonder if UTAR has the nine other Wonders of Malaysia as well. But yeah, I got what you mean, and I'd love to try it at least once =)

anson said...


are you sure the food is really that nice?

if that's the case, KV, when shall you bring me there? :p

stupid said...

That's wicked!
that guard seems very polite to you~
Well, it wont happen here though.haha

cumming said...

kaevin very man r ! I love u so much !

sherril said...

haha UTAR is like this. Luckily Kuak was the 150th (last 1) to get the sticker haha so now we everyday can go in the campus easily without having to walk sooo far!!!!

Anyway, since they got your number plate down, then everything's settled. Luckily you fought for your rights!

Yap Choon Kiat said...

now only i knew can park at s-block without sticker...=.="
which guard house is that??
Ktar hostel or Utar main entrance??
i fed up with the walking distance from TBR to campus!!!

kaemin said...

haha.. i was so angry also ... it is so unreasonable for UTAR to set this kind of ticket system ...xpecially in kampar...d vehicles tat park outside the campus r always more than that in the campus... lol... damn ... then the bus service charge 70 sen on every ride, so if u take bus as ur daily transport, u will nid to spend at least rm7 per week, and rm28 per month and rm300++ per year... greedy utar

Catherine said...

clap clap clap!! kae vin u so bravo! good job man! :p

tan said...

kae min u study wat course lo , i also from kampar

Anonymous said...

DAMN, piss off mostly every part of utar setapak. dah la parking, lift rosak, dk hall no air cond, useless sound system, block h to canteen without shelter, library byk bising, and the oscar winner is..

CANTEEN FOOD. a very quality food with reasonable price.


PrincessX said...

chill chill

Cum said...

dear calvin: to list down the 10"wonders" of utar :

10)The "pleasant" officers in our faculty office .They seem to be "helpful" most of the time
9)The fragrant toilets in the campus
8) Unique lecturers .Enough said.
7)The state of the art architecture that is 100% rain-guaranteed-to-hit-its-students
6)"outstanding" Internet connectivity and wireless:Even in the toilet can get signal, wow.
5)Fantastic Car park system: It encourages students to experiance "night life" in utar by camping there one day before to get the car stickers.
4)Water cooler water that mysteriously taste different and outstanding toilet flushing system
3)Wonderfull air conds : We NEVER sweat in our classes at all
2)Mismatched lecturers:lecturers that are good in subject A teach subject B ,and lecturers that are good in subject B teach subject A
1)Of course , the creme de la creme : ITS FABULOUS FINE DINING AND CUISINE COURTESY OF OUR LOVABLE CANTEEN(if ur lucky , u might find a tasty bug/insect/hair in it )

calvin said...

@ Cum:

The UTAR 10 Wonder of Malaysia is very well presented. Thanks for the detailed explanation :)

Anonymous said...

erm kae vin , i saw on ur list of places to go is pisang fall , in malay its sungai pisang .i would just want to tell u that place is noted by many as erm....keras .i hope u know wat i mean .any malay fren of urs will know wat it means.

foon said...

oh ya kae vin , since evey one is talking bout utar food , take photos and write a post about it la , damn interesting la

Anonymous said...

cum: if u have such "wonders" in Utar. I wondered what makes u stay in utar. might as well pack ur bag go for another uni or college

specialhuman said...


I would put more trust in the stray dog by the roadside to help me solve the problem by biting all the guards then complaining to the administration XD

I was so pissed off that I even considered parking my car at the entrance of guard house XD


Thanks for participating so actively in promoting the UTAR wonders. Perhaps you should come out with ur own blog and start writing about it since you know the facts? :)


Unless you wanna taste fried rice with flies :P


Who's wicked? XD Me or the guards? and I know it's worst in local U :)


I love you too. XD


LOL kuak is so lucky! yeah thanks.

Choon Kiat:

The UTAR main entrance. Yeah let's us all park inside XD

kae min:

LOL UTAR fee is comparably very cheap. So no choice lo. All those miscellaneous fee.


Thanks! :)


How did you end up in my blog?


Lol block H to canteen? Are we in the same UTAR? XD

Anonymous 1230am:

Thanks for ur advice :)


My blog is not a complaining blog la. Anyway I'll blog if one day there's a cockcroach or lizard in my chicken rice or fried rice XD

Anonymous 1:21am:

Don't be so harsh on Cum. I think he has his reason :)

ShinT said...

wow..u r really brave enuf a..My friend just lost his car..better be careful larr..

specialhuman said...


hahah. Angry man can do almost anything XD

and yeah that's y i don like to park outside.