Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Absolute Money-Minded

Well, the nuffnang poll is going to expire in one hour and the result is no. Well, I am a man of my words as I said I'll make my decision based on the poll result so it's a no to nuffnang. :)

Anyway, this is not the main point that I updated my blog. I have better topic to post up something than that. :)

It's a about the turbulence that is happening in my rented house in KL (which I am blogging right now) lately.

Basically, there are 6 guys in this house and 4 of us are classmates. Another one is my church mate and another guy is the house leader (which we didn't know him before we moved in in 2006).

4 of us will be moving out in May due to some personal reasons. I also thinking of getting an own room of mine in this final year of my uni life so that I can be more productive. (Yeah, you know how unproductive you are when your room is constantly full of people XD)

and the stories begin with us telling the houseleader that we are moving out. The houseleader (I will refer him as M here) was shocked at first but then he figured out that it is the time that he can earn money from this house. So he sticked out notices around with the price of the vacant room raised.

We are fine with that. As long as the four of us get our deposit back then we would not care what he will do with the vacant room.

However, things got worst when there are more people coming to our house to view the room. Apparently, there is someone interested with my church mate's (D, the guy which is not moving out) room and offered a higher price and M decided to kick out D so that he can rent the room out with a better price.

I guess I don't have to say much about it and you be the judge. After staying together for three years in the same house? Simply just because someone offered a hundred bucks more monthly? and mind you, M is considered a young manager in an advertising company earning big bucks and is planning to get himself a honda city.

I just am glad that till now, money is not on top of everything. (although I m stingy at times)

So what say you?


Niel said...

kick his dumb arse la.

anson said...

too bad, i have voted a yes...

anson said...

feel so sad for Mr D...
maybe we should lodge a report to the relevant party, the owner! wuahahaha... :p

=chuan guan= said...

wat u mean by productive..hahaa..can do some productiveeeeeeeeee things in da room?hahahaa..

each money can earn free rm300..who dun wan?

kykhor said...

in business point of view. it makes perfect sense.

anyway, you can sabotage him back. make the visitors don't feel like moving in (remove his ads, make the place dirty, spread rumours etc)

when he got no new tenant, he loses money right?

weiAnn said...

wa..so rich the houseleader..Y still staying in a rented room?hahaha

chiaohan said...

I oso being kicked out from the house before i can even get in..sad nye..lolx..

kaemin said...

hahaha... money > friendship/relationship ... this often comes out in reality ... zzz

calvin said...

well, in this modern age, it's all about money i guess. like what kykhor suggested, you can sabotage mr m, although i might not do such thing. maybe you an invite mr d to stay with the rest?

biomedical engineer said...

ask M go to eat shi lah ....
i am pity to D too ...

Anonymous said...

hey. =) tho' at times people can be very materialistic, i guess he was just trying to uhrm...get back what he's gonna lose? since a few of you are moving out so i think he needed something to cover back his loss. can be selfish, but life is unfair.

Anonymous said...


specialhuman said...


Really feel like it


Haha. It's ok la. Afterall, the ads will only generate maybe less than 20 per month. (Unless you call all ur colleagues, auntie uncles to view my blog XD)

and we are absolutely considering to do so.

chuan guan:

productive means no need to spend the whole night cracking your head to finish up the assignment! XD


He violated the law of giving a 2 months notice. Not ethical at all =_=

now we have to get back our deposit first before we start to sabotage :P


Some people like that one ma. Rich but still wanna save money and trick other people's money.


Complaint in my blog! XD


lol this is more than that. It's totally unethical.


we found our place separately. Anayway I am helping him to find room also.

biomedical engineer:

hahaha. He is shit himself. :P


nah. He is losing nothing. We move out, ask new people shift in, people still pay him right?