Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Bug

February is a month that allows guys to go into shops that are full of lovely, fluffy, furry soft toys.

What a month XD


jim said...

are u gonna get sumthin for someone special?

Kyflein said...

so were you... haha

Niel said...

what? r u trying to hint something, or?? lol. i dun even knw when is valentine =.='''

Anonymous said...

i really need my food stuff

kaemin said...

stupid brother, when u gonna hav ur '1st love' ...for u,it isnt early anymore.. zzz

Mr.Miyagi said...

lol , i cant stop laughing at wat kae min said la .I am suprised at how immature he is .My dearest kae min : please dont talk like that to ur brother .Treat him with a lot of love .He will cry when he sees you writing like this .Always hug him when he comes back to visit you.You must not call him stupid .Love him as he loves you ok .Better call him and say sorry , now.You are responsible if he comes back to penang with swollen eyes after crying .

sherril said...

haha kae vin crying? i cant imagine that. anyway, is that eric in green shirt in the pic??

=chuan guan= said...

you are just jealousing kaevin...just admit it!!lolz

anson said...

1st love?!?!?!?!?! can't believe...

kaemin said...

hei hei .. mr.Miyagi, I am suprised at how rude and ke poh u ARE ... MY dearest Miyagi : pls don talk like that to me, becoz u don hav the right. Treat my previous comment with a bit sense of humour and respect me. I will boh song when I see you writting like this. Always keep ur mind clear when U leave any comment. YOU must not call ME immature. You are responsible of any word in ur comment if i meet u one day... zzz

~Live Life~ said... has been a week since you last updated...

I thought this post is like an appetizer for something interesting?

Anyway, nobody wants to be 乌龟 during valentine's day...hahaha...

specialhuman said...


Nope I didn't :)


I was there to be my friend's driver k?


lol did I sound like hinting? and you should be more....erm....sensitive perhaps? :P


Patience is a virtue


lol. Pleae forgive Mr Miyagi. and you just shocked a lot of people. They know nothing about my love life and now they knew. A lot of thanks for that. :(

Mr Miyagi:

lol. Are you trying to provoke kaemin? We brothers know each other well enough.


hahaha. It's hard to imagine but when it happens, it's sure something serious :P

and yeah it's Eric XD


Who's jealousing who? LOL blekkk


lol. Believe it! XD

~live life~:

Sorry but i really don't have time. But i still read ur blog regularly whenever i find a minute or two :) that explains my recently short and meaningless comment in ur blog! XD

shawn kL said...

hi kaemin, dun worry bout your brother he is working hard on it. ^^

kaemin said...

KL ... hehe, yaya, u know him better...
who will be the lucky 1 ? keen to know ... kakakaka

anson said...


r u sure that "she" should be the "lucky 1"??

i feel sorry for her... if she does exist... :p

specialhuman said...


Why is everyone trying to expose my personal life to the world? :(


No he doesn't know me better than u. :X


Why feel sorry? :( I so unlucky meh?