Saturday, February 07, 2009


I was in a class and the lecturer was babbling something that I didn't even try to understand.

The class ended and I noticed the malicious stares from people around me. I didn't give a damn about it until I got more of them from the people who walked pass me.

Then I checked myself if there was anything wrong with me. No, my pants were zipped nicely and my clothes wasn't inside out.

and then a friend walked towards me and I stopped him.

"Is there anything wrong with me today?" I asked.

"Type 'What do you think of Kae Vin' in Google and you know the answer" he said as-a-matter-of-fact-ly and walked away as though he was afraid of people seeing him talking to me.

I nervously walked towards the library and I searched exactly what he said.

I was astonished by the results generated by the search engine. It had thousands and thousands of blogs, comments and stories about me and none of them were good. Every word, every thought and every action of mine were captured.

I woke up in sweats and I ran downstair to my laptop and typed 'What do you think of Kae Vin' in Google.

Luckily nothing but a few blogs came up.


Dream is also a Chinese sci-fi short story written by me when I was in form 4. It made me RM60 richer as I got the second prize in the novel writing competition.

Just thought of sharing it here.

ps-> it's in Chinese and I don't have time for translation. sorry ya.

Have a nice dream :)


Kenneath said...

Wow.. you gotta be dreaming a lot man! What a fantasy story (I read your "Chinese sci-fi" short story)...

A dream can get you RM60 richer.. Not bad yo.. LOL...

=chuan guan= said...


stupid said...

read again, and still figure why SHE didn't want to admit~haha

Anonymous said...

did u really write that in form 4? the story is interesting , not poetic , but definately interesting .i am impressed that u had such an original story to write .really , genuinely original[unless u copied from another idea, which i doubt it]

lolli said...

the story is quite erotic , but it needs more romance and flesh

Anonymous said...

agree with lolli... more flesh needed .. perhaps elaborate more on the moist second lips.I am curious..did u wet ur bed the morning after the dream?

Catherine said...

i like your novel too. cant believe it was written in Form 4. :p

~Live Life~ said...

I have never known that since so young you have the talent in writing!

Utilize it to the best!

specialhuman said...


lol thanks. and yeah you are right. I am quite a dreamy person


arghhhh that you donno how to read in Chinese?


because she doesn't have the mind to. She's too narrow-minded. :)


Yes I did write that in form 4. Thank you. and I didn't plagarize but I can't say the idea is totally new. :)

lolli and anonymous:

No I don think so :)


Y can't believe lei? =_=

~live life~:

There're still tons of things that you didn't realise about me :P