Sunday, February 01, 2009

the 7th Day

It's the 7th day of Chinese New Year.

and Chinese New Year is meant for reunion. Friends and families.

Yet, meeting up with old friends never fails to stir up the emotion in me. It kept reminding I have lost the past, forever.

I am a nostalgic person who lived in the past. I mean, technically I am living in 2009 but what push me forward is the accumulation of my life before 2009. I always try to compensate what I did not do in the past but no matter how hard I try, it just feels like I could never finish compensating. The reminiscence is a recursive infinite loophole that is so blackhole-ly consuming.

How I wish time could be completely static.

Anyway, I decided to stop this melancholy tone and write about my Chinese New Year, which I never really did (Check my archive, Februaries are always missing until last year)

As a matter of fact, I had a splendid Chinese New Year this year.

Siang, me and Timothy. Siang was my room mate during my internship and Timothy is the son of the landlord.

me and Fiona. After playing firecrackers by the beach. I'll definitely do it again next year, with more explosives and beers. Anyone wanna join? XD

On the second day, Niel's and my family dived ourselves into the Sedim waterfall.

Kae Min dived!

My family and Niel's family enjoying themselves in the freezing cold water.


Daredevils' stunt! He dived from the bridge which was about 5 metres above the water.

My younger brother's buddy. My buddy's younger brother. XD

Just to give u an idea how rapid the water is flowing

At night, friend called me up and I went for a gathering

hehe. The dark side of Chinese New Year~ lol

Day 3, playing basketball at Bukit Mertajam with Jit Sin fellows

It was as though nobody has ever changed. XD

5s3 gathering at Old Town autocity. Autocity was full of Jit Sin kia's during Chinese New Year. XD

I slept my Day 4 away due to fatigueness. lol

Day 5, it was primary school gathering.

6H gathering. XD

Jamming night~

Day 6, the church teen came to my house

It's time to get started again.


calvin said...

Eh, you bought a new house ka?
Why the layout and design is so different one?

calvin said...

Okay la, I know you die die want me comment about your brother's buddy a.k.a. your buddy's brother punya body right?

But that will sound so gay LOL xD
So, I shall not comment on that.

But seriously, I have run out on things to comment here lol...

I got a feeling that this comment is no better than the first one haha...

P/S: Do you want a third one? I promise to do better xD

Niel said...

lol calvin .
new year is always promised to be a time of gathering. nice that u can have yours.

stupid said...

Wow, the title sounds familiar~ anyway, you do have the device to stop the time, don't you?

Anonymous said...

agree with calvin's second comment.I thought that was u la with the body .hai seh!

kykhor said...

1. I was wondering your blog's running slow...

//This is the report:

Web Page Speed Report
Title: The size of this web page (3039940 bytes) has exceeded the maximum size of 3000000 bytes.
Date: Report run on Mon Feb 2 07:15:37EST2009

The size of this web page (3039940 bytes) has exceeded the maximum size of 3000000 bytes.
Please try again.

//end of report

Your first page of the blog has exceeded the analyzer's maximum size of 3MB. LOL

My house looks uber nice here.... lol

Kenneath said...

"recursive infinite loophole"??? Sounds so programming... LOL

About the body, don't just look at it!! Do something on your own!! You will not be able to fit yourself into AirAsia seat if you don't do something about it!! Hahaha...

I'm kidding but don't ya take it lightly yo! LOL!

anson said...

where is this Sedim waterfall?

sia said...

can i diu u ? please la , just give me a sign.....

PrincessX said...

yup, i did go to autocity a few times...

specialhuman said...


I mixed up the photo la. =_=

lol. I know you don't have that and you green-eyed it. XD

Please go and buy the book

'Proper Commentation for Dummies'



Yeah. You're right. You'll appreciate your CNY like i do after a few years ;)


What so familiar? :P

and do you mean camera?


not mine not mine haha XD


lol. I ensure the quality of the photo ma.

and your house is nice k? XD


ya la ya la. =_= I'll exercise more. blek


Kedah. around 10km away from Kulim High Tech Park.


No thanks. :)


hahaha. But I never bumped into u~ :P