Saturday, January 03, 2009

Penang Rules!

First and foremost, wishing everyone happy 2009.

Since I'll be leaving for KL in one week's time, I would like to post something more Penang-ish. Well I guess people who are close with me know that I always prefer to stay in Penang to other states in Malaysia. If given a choice, Penang for sure will precede any other choices.

Of course apart from the fact that I grew up in this place and had been nurtured and cultivated in this place for years, there are still some very solid statement to support my argument.

Anyway, my points are heavily biased and shall not be taken seriously. :P

10 Reasons Why Penang Is Better Than Any Other Places (especially KL)

Interesting places to go
First of all, to justify whether a particular location is a good place to live in, it's important to look at what it can offer in term of places to go. Let start with shopping malls. As a matter of fact, Penang has the most numbers of shopping malls after KL. Although they might not be as glorious as those in KL, they serve their purposes pretty well. After Gurney plaza, Queensbay mall, Sunway Carnival, Bandar Perda sprung up like the mushroom after rain. In a few years time, Penang Time Square is going to storm Georgetown.

Well shopping malls also mean all sort of commercialized entertainment and activities like karaoke, movie theatre, spa, hair salloon just to name a few.

Of course, Penang has more to offer. Apart from commercialized outlets, Penang retains most of its greenery. No matter which part you are staying in Penang island, you can get to parks within half an hour. Youth Park, Botanical Garden, Metropolitan Park, Meng Kuang Dam and etc are well-maintained parks for Penangites to stay in shape. Others like waterfalls, beaches, name it, Penang has it.

Queesnbay Mall

Yummilicious Food to eat
I need not say too much about this. From streetfood to fine dining, Penang offer a wide range of choices. and it's always fun to do food hunting in Penang as good food hides in alleys and taman-taman like precious jewel.

Only in Penang....

Tough Road to drive
Actually, Penang is also secretly funded by some mysterious organization to be a driving centre.
Penang is famous for its narrow and crowded roads in the town area and also its reckless skilled drivers that want to train up new drivers in this island. Apart from that, Penang has motorcyclists who ride as if they are blindfolded. Besides, the lack of parking spots at all those nice food spots is a challenge for the drivers to figure out creative ways to park their cars. Furthermore, the jam in Penang bridge teaches the drivers how to squeeze their way out without falling into the sea. All of these offers a tough driving environment and adrenaline rushing driving experience. It is meant for you to brush up your driving skill.

Sometimes, bulls are used to train up driver too. like a bull....mooo.....

Therefore, you get free driving lessons everyday once you drive. Where else can find?

Fun Things to do
Sports facilities can be found easily in Penang so it's not a problem to find places to play basketball, badminton, tennis, squash or to swim, run, jog, jump, dive and whatsoever.
Natural spots like waterfall, beaches, forests, hills are easily available too. It's not surprising to hear that people saying

"Hey tomorrow Christmas let's go to waterfall and picnic there." and bring a few packs of junk food and a few cans of beer there to celebrate Christmas.

Penangites love to go fishing too and Penang never runs out of fishing spots also (as a matter of fact, Penang is surrounded by sea ok?)

and most importantly, we can go camping and barbeque at the beach, anytime we want. muahahaha

Living in Penang is as if living with Doraemon XD

Multilingual Tongues to speak
The state language for Penang is Penang styled hokkien (which pronounce char kuey tiaw as char kuey tiaw, not char ke tiao) however English, Mandarin, Tamil and Bahasa Malaysia are widely spoken. Other dialects like Cantonese, Teo Chew and Hainan are spoken by the minorities too. Penangites also do not have problem understanding Cantonese as the results of watching too much Hong Kong series.

Beautiful Scenery to see
What?!? It's only the sixth point? I very lazy to write already. This point is very obvious la. Penang got all the mountains and seas and heritage sites and they are very natural unlike those in Singapore....all man-made and artificial. and our bridge is much longer than the total length of all the bridges. Somemore now they are going to build the second Penang bridge. Even longer. XD

See so beautiful. This was taken at The End of The World, Teluk Bahang.

Smart Gahmen to lead
After 308, we see a lot changes in the gahmen. Somemore want to implement FOC wimax in Penang. But the problem now is all our laptop is only up to 802.11 and wimax technology is 802.16 la. Maybe the gahmen will give away free laptops to all Penangites. Who knows? argh I went astray from the topic ady. Ahem....what I am trying to say here is we got smarter gahmen now compared to some other states la.

Gorgeous People to look at
It's an undeniable fact that Penang has the highest percentage of hot chicks compared to other states (statistic provided by John Doe, Xiao Hua, Ali and Muthu). Well there's rumour that there are a lot of entauba also and personally I agree to this also. :P

Made in Penang. and look like the rumour is true. :P

Plenty of MNC to work in
Penang got Agilent, AMD, B-Brawn, BenQ, Dell, Hitachi, Intel, Motorola, Sony, Western Digital......just to name a few. Although most of them are manufacturing based MNC, they formed the working community in Penang. Somemore those companies contributed a lot to Malaysia GDP!

But who knows what's their fate in the future....

Quality Life to live
Imagine this:

You wake up 6am in the morning and you rush to change your clothes. Shit! You forgot to iron your shirt last night and you have to get it done really fast now. After putting on your shirt, tie, belt, pants, socks and shoes, you walk some 200 meters to Wangsamaju train station. At that time, the train is packed with human beings. Out of all sudden, you remember you have an important meeting at 830am. So you fight your way to the train and you make it with the price of the wrinkles on your shirt.

When you reach your office, it's 829am and you run all the way to the conference room and everyone stares at you. The meeting lasts for 2 hours and your stomach keeps growling and you realise that you forget to have dinner the day before. After the meeting, you rush for the remaining jobs despite the hunger as you have to send out the report before 12. When it's finally 12, you go and buy yourself 2 sandwiches and continue working because you are running out of time.

The next moment you look at the clock it's already 7pm. Oh no your loved one has already bought a movie ticket at 8pm. You quickly finish up your remaining job and it's already 720pm. You rush to a fast food outlet nearby and grab yourself a burger which has excessive calories and swallow it like nobody's business while you are in the train station.

After the movie, you are exhausted and your loved one is mad at you because you don't feel like talking to her/him. You fall asleep on your bed the first moment you reach home and you dread the next day.

Now, picture this:

You wake up 7am in the morning. Put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Take your badge and start your Honda City. You drive along the Coastal Highway with seagulls flying by the seaside. The reflection of the rising sun on the sea is a little bit dazzling but it is warm and cozy. When you are about to reach your working place, it's a little jammed but it also gives you some extra time to listen to the song played in your cd player.

After 15 minutes, you reach your office and you make yourself some coffee and start your day by clearing up your mail box. After giggling on some jokes, you get serious in your job and time passes without you realizing it. When it's 430pm, you change into shorts and go to the gym for the treadmill and workouts.

Then you enjoy your dinner with your friends or your loved one at 7pm. Since you already had some western food at the seaside restaurant at Tanjung Bungah yesterday, you are probably thinking to have some authentic Penang laksa to help you digest. So you drive to the favourite laksa stall of yours.

The night is still young. After shower, a friend you haven't seen for a long time called and you guys met at a bar with live band playing and grab a few cups of beer. Thus ends a day in yourlife.

At night still can go play basketball somemore

Well, again I have to stress that all my abovementioned reasons are heavily biased. Take it at your own risk. :P

Anyway, I have to shout it out loud:

Penang rules!


"You can take a Penangite out of Penang, but never the Penang out of a Penangite."

lol. Anyone please come out with 10 reasons why Penang is not any better than any other places? XD


calvin said...

Yeala, yeala, I know you guys have the longest, but how you use it that matters more ;)

Lim said...

This comment is meant for anyone that keeps stating that penang is way better than any other state in malaysia.I hope u are matured and professional enough to listen to my views and please do not be offended as i really am trying to subject this peacefully. Actually there are many reasons why KL(and the rest of malaysia) is better than penang , but as u said u are heavily biased to ur penang , so i guess u will not agree with me . I agree that penang has great food , but there are also great food in KL and ipoh and taiping and kelantan ,sarawak .etc.The main reason why penang has all this good food is bcoz it is condensed into one small island.This condensation will make it strive to provide everything within a small area.If u condense the entire peninsula malaysia into a small island , i dare say , the food will be as good as penang. Another thing is that any state that has a high population of a certain race , that particular race's food will be the best .An example is kelantan , the major population is malays , and the best malay food can be found there.In Bangsar(KL),the indian population is high , thus some of the best indian food can be found there.Of course in penang , the chinese population is high there thus , it has the best chinese food there(mine fav being bak kut teh) .But i have tasted the malay and indian and mamak food in penang , and eventhough it is delicious , i have had better(malay and indian and mamak food) in KL and peninsula malaysia , etc. Of course, a young guy's life will be so sweet in penang as the night life is the best in penang compared to other states .Yes , i agree with u on this , but do u know that penang has the highest population of pple living with H.I.V and highest population of pple contracting H.I.V, compared to other states? You also mentioned that penang has the greatest parks and jogging area within a stone's throw away,But as u said with all the huge shopping complexes ,it is becoming a huge metropolitan, how long will those parks last with clean fresh air before it is polluted with fumes from vehicles in the road? . Yes , i agree that all the best mnc's are in penang , i cant deny that is a blessing for penang for its strategic location, but suddenly all the workers are jumping into the government service bcoz of the economic devastation .The year 2009 is already predicted to be a bad year to mnc's so i dun think anyone should comment on how lavish the mnc's are there . .Perhaps u are a student and have not really explored KL and the rest of malaysia like it really is. Wangsa Maju is not a food capital ,it is a student dense place , and hawkers give cheap but not tasty food. And penang is getting over populated day by day , it will not be too long that u will feel all the hectic traffic jam.Do not get me wrong , i think penang is a great place , but i seem irked when pple keep calling it the best state in malaysia.I know u are just a young guy trying to state fun facts about penang , but i feel that some pple in penang these days are too arrogant and seem to talk as if penang is the best in malaysia ,with some pple liking to talk as if penang is another country not associated with malaysia.And i foresee the attitude of penangites becoming very similiar to singaporeans and their kiasuness, if they dont change their attitudes and be more humble. By the way , i was working in an mnc company in penang for 2 years and i was in USM penang(3 years) , but i transfered back to my hometown in Subang and am happily married with children.I have tasted the life of a penangite , eventhough sweet as it seems , i am more at peace in other places in malaysia, bcoz honestly from the bottom of my heart, it is more muhibbah.(i dare anyone out there to counter my last sentence).

Niel said...

i was about the be the first to comment but was caught up in something else =.=

Penang, the home state of you and I. Penang has much to offer, and for now, there is no where like home to me ! But i do hope the hygiene of Penang can improve a bit more la... the streets are an 'amazing' sight =.=

I also like to give tam puk comment to Lim. Is it wrong for us Penangites to simply praise our own state? I mean, why so SERIOUS? If i like my town, i praise it, i even chide it because i want to see it improves!! What's with the food problem? KL pplE eat KL punya food la, im sure they will turn out all right. they can always come here to Pg if they reli can't bear it though -.-. and don't talk abt condensation when ur living in KL, it's a horribly lame joke. And night life too. when KL folks talk abt night life it's kinda embrassing too. I think it's general knowledge that KL is even more...romantic when it comes to night life. curious to c how a typical Penang youngster spend his night time? he plays basketball, bravo him. i don't think KL kids are so docile, or perhaps they have been latch-keyed! Check your facts abt the HIV thingy too, u might have read ur son's PJK textbook intended to scare him into obedience. I'm also glad that u linked Penang with Singapore, perhaps u saw the similarities between Pg and the advanced S. Let's hope KL can do better so that ppl like u won't go and stamp ppl down when they are merely praising their own home state K? cheers ~

Niel said...

oh, abt the muhibbah thing Mr.Lim, don't simply use the word even though u scored A1 for ur Sejarah, u might go to Kamunting for.... say ur whole life =.=
KL PPLE selfish la, that's all i shud say. c'mon, tell me where does KL ranked in terms of manners in the world cities? not very nice...luckily, Penang is not yet the 'big metropolitan' u envisioned Mr.Lim.
Malaysia Boleh~

Anonymous said...

Ah yooo ah Lim ahh!! tsk tsk tsk...
"Anyway, my points are heavily biased and shall not be taken seriously. :P"
I can't believe someone has taken it so seriously...if you're not, you wont be wasting your time writing this long comment trying to express what YOU think...Everyone has their own thinking, likings and preference, so does this guy, just trying to say what's good about penang...i know you've lived in penang before...but for err...5 years????
You wouldnt have said the same things if you actually GREW UP in penang mate! There's something different about growing up in a place and just living there for a couple of years....and I think you should know that...
Of course there are so many good food in so many different places..and so many good n fun places to go outside penang, but this guy is just saying why he likes it better in penang, what's so arrogant bout that? well maybe you have friends from penang that are like that...tough luck buddy! that's their problem...they are minority. And i reckon peeps from KL fit the profile of being "kiasu" and arrogant more!! Just like how u FEEL about penang ppl, well that's how I FEEL about KL ppl, cuz i do have friends that are like that! think that KL is the There are so many reasons why ppl feel n think that way bout their own states. So wat's all the fuss mate?
About the food...hmm...if you haven't already realised, when this guy talks about's not just penang "island" my friend! There's mainland penang as well that has good stuff, so that part about penang has all the good food becuz it's all condensed into "ONE SMALL ISLAND"...and bla bla might have to re-write/re-think/re-phrase/re-watever's good chinese food...indian food...malay food...Oh well, whether the food is good, depends on the person who eats might not like the malay/indian food in penang as much..but that's your biggy mate. Oh another thing...just for your information...penang does NOT have the highest number of ppl contracting HIV..get your source right..check this out >> --- doesnt matter how long the parks will last with clean air least till now it's still good! He is just talking bout how good n nice it is..not how good it will be in however long when the air is polluted or take it easy there mate!
And bout the muhibbah part...might be true in east malaysia..but over at the west..i reckon that's not true. racist ppl r everywhere..including you and me! you might not notice it yourself. muhibbah??hmm....

Anonymous said...

zzz... all long long comment above... ah LIM seems very perasan oo, perhaps u should kindly accept wat specialhuman say in this blog, becoz the FACT is, PENANG always the BEST ... kakakaka, Kuala Lumpur ppl is simply Kuai Lan ppl ... hohohohohoho... don get offended ya ah LIM

kykhor said...

I'm from Penang... and I got to say Kae Vin totally overated it.

He's just plain Homesick. lol

~Live Life~ said...

Oh my gosh! Superhuman, I don't know whether its a good thing or not that a simple post on your blog spur up such a vicious discussion! I think its good...

Everyone has the freedom of speech...Superhuman has his right to express his views and opinions about how much he loves Penang! Same goes for Lim and all...

Keep up the discussion guys!

Well, by the way I still love my hometown - PENANG!!!

Anonymous said...

i think its best to say that every state is unique on its own , got pro and con,better not claim that one particular state is the best lo.....kykhor :of all the comments here , urs is the most diplomatic ,:)

Anonymous said...

i dun want to comment on the hot topic above , but i just wanna say u look good in ur pics above :)

anson said...

ah Lim, I am so impressed with your reply but also kesian with all the bullets on u! take it easy man! :p

im not going to comment much on Penang, to avoid bullets.. haha..

but, JOHOR IS THE BEST!!!!!! ^_^

1. Johor also got many interesting places to go.. if not enough, go spore la.. so near wert..
Penang got wat park wat park la.. but Johor, got Taman Negara man! wuahaha..

2. Penang got the best ever northen food in Msia, but Johor got the best southern food! hokkien mee! i mean hokkien char! yeah!

3. bulls also considered as a selling point? haha.. Johor got even more bulls on the road, and sometimes even killed people! kekeke..

4. "it's not a problem to find places to play basketball, badminton, tennis, squash or to swim, run, jog, jump, dive and whatsoever.
Natural spots like waterfall, beaches, forests, hills are easily available too."
hey! Johor alo got all those above wert! so, not wrong for me to say Johor is the best too!! hehe..

5. "English, Mandarin, Tamil and Bahasa Malaysia are widely spoken"
again.. as a Johorian, i don't think we lack of any language stated by our dearest specialhuman.. haha.. cant stop laughing when witing this comment..

6. you are going to build the 2nd bridge? we have 2nd bridge being built up ALREADY... keke.. so we are "bestER"..

7. sensitive issue.. talk to me personally..

8. 情人眼里出西施
beauty is in the eyes of the beholders..

9. PG got mnc, Johor got plenty of estates to run with.. by our own citizen, but not for foreigners.. hey come on! proud with Malaysians! Malaysia Boleh!!!

10. the "you" in your imagination is really stupid and also out of mind for his whole life..
in order to have a quality life.. u got to do something with it, but not hoping the condition around to make it a qualtiy life for you to live in..
no free lunch in this world.. u got to do something to get wat you want..
that "you" in Wmaju were not able to get a quality life simply bcoz he/she is not as smart as specialhuman to pursue for a quality life..

11. much more to go.. but leave it to specialhuman to think about it 1st.. haha..

Johor rules!

Johor rules!!

Johor rules!!!

Anonymous said...

Anson! liked ur comment..haha wisely put! but just a few things....
1) penang does have a Taman Negara! Probably not as huge as the one in ur state la..hehe

2)hokkien char in johor is nice?? i wan to try!! :P

3)bulls bulls bulls! i think they're everywhere in malaysia!

4)penang and johor both have those spots and attractions....but which ones are better?? hmm...

5)no comment on this!! hahahah...this shouldnt be one of the reasons y penang is the best lol!!

6)i donno when the 2nd penang bridge is gonna be

7)donno wat's the sensitive issue...hmmm...

8) you're damn right on this!! Right On!

9)Malaysia hopefully boleh la :p

10)there's no free lunch in this're right..u gotta do something to get something..that's how the world works. But only one thing is free...salvation:) u don EARN's GIVEN to you! It's a gift from god to you...all u have to do is just believe :)

11)Jesus loves you!! :)

the conclusion is .....Penang and Johor RULES!! LOL!!

God bless!!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! tO ANSON :really good comments , i pity Mr.lim, lol

Selangor kia said...

hey , selangor also rules la!!!!!!

specialhuman said...


I know taiping has the shortest

Mr Lim:

Thank you for your comment. Well you got it quite heat up here.

Well as you can see this post is never meant to be so serious, but since you were, I'll reply in a more serious tone.

First, you must understand that I never said Penang is the best state in Malaysia. I just merely state 10 reasons why Penang is better than other places. That doesn't make it the best.

Second, when I said Penang, I refer to the state, not just the island. So the food is distributed all over. Ipoh is a city, not a state. Taiping is a town. KL is Federal Territory. and I think the reason of good food is not of condensation, but of the rich history of the place. If the stall is passed down for generation, it sure has some secret recipe that sustains it for so long and Ipoh, Taiping, Kuching, Penang and even KL town centre are all places with rich history.

Third, as Anonymous 1:39am has pointed out, you were wrong about the HIV thing statistically. Please click here to download this statistic and see it for yourself. Just do some research before you said anything that high profile first.

Fourth, "but suddenly all the workers are jumping into the government service bcoz of the economic devastation". Please state your source of information. In wikipedia they will call this ambiguous statement.

Fifth, I will not further comment about all your presumptive statement. It's pretty pointless. Anyone can assume anything.

Sixth, I have a gut feeling that you are not who you said you are.

Seventh, I don't wanna further discuss the muhibah topic you brought up here. It's too huge a topic to be talked about and it has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Eighth, this is more to a private question but I just wanna know did you have any unhappy encounter with any Penangites?



You got your points but please be gentle on Mr Lim. Who knows his children is already at your age.

Anonymous 1:39am:

Lol I just love your comment. But also too harsh on Mr Lim la.

Anonymouos 11:59am:

XD I never said Penang is the best ha. :P


Because you always wish you were born in Japan and grew up with Sushi and dislike durian and laksa. XD

~live life~:

haha. Thanks. Penangites always love Penang.

Anonymous 1:35pm:

Yeah you are right. Again I have to say that I never said Penang is the best. and anyone can praise their own state just like how Anson did! :P

Anonymous 3:34pm:

lol Thanks but someone reckons that I look real ugly. XD


Perhaps you should come out with ur own blog and post a new post: Johor Rules~ lol

and you missed out one point la. Lego gonna build a Lego Theme Park there. For sure I'll go one :P

Anonymous 11:30pm:

Hahah. You actually helped me reply Anson! Thanks ;)

Anonymous 11:38pm:

Why not you come out with your own? ;)

Selangor kia:

Ya Selangor Rules~ XD

At the end of the day, this is another comment-longer-than-the-post post XD

and again, why so serious? :)

Kenneath said...

Hi all, i wonder why you all said Lim is a Mr instead of Ms... He/She never mention his/her gender... lol.. "happily married with children" doesn't shows that he/she is a father/mother... Please correct me if i'm wrong. :)

Weiii... KL ppl here la.. don shoot KL ppl like that la... its hurts.. haha.. :P

By the way, i had been practically "worked/intern" in a mnc in Penang and i can adapt myself well with ALL the penangites, at least for the whole 3 months there. Some of them actually shocked when they learned that i am from KL, and they straight away say that i'm not like the ppl in KL. From this, i can tell that SOME Penangites are quite hate KL ppl. But please, not all KL ppl are selfish... Please don't crown that on all KL ppl, especially me (it is proven by penangites).. lol.. :P

Well, last but not least, HOME is always the best! No point arguing... HOME RULES! Hahaha..

bitch said...

kae vin, i advice that u should be extra carefull la , when u write ur blog la, bcoz not everyone will like oneif got touch isu sensitif , lol , peace

specialhuman said...


lol. It's called gut feeling. Hahaha

lol. You don't have to prove that you are a Penangites likable KL-ite.

and yeah, home is the best.


What so sensitive about it? I don get it :)

Bitch said...

i knoe i knoe .......i think the other pple got marah when u keep saying penang better than other places and u stated (esp KL) , and another reason is that , i hope u dun marah , but i think u kinda asked for all the backlash when u asked "Anyone please come out with 10 reasons why Penang is not any better than any other places? XD".....erm, in another persons point of view looks like u were challenging .........

specialhuman said...

oh...i wasn't challenging la. I was just asking people to give opinions why Penang is no good. Like Penang got a lot of sampah and stuffs like that.


calvin said...

@ bitch:
it's very simple to represent this line:

"Anyone please come out with 10 reasons why Penang is not any better than any other places? XD"



PrincessX said...

Wow! kaevin...i never thought that your simple blog!

just love the drama

anyway, i love my hometown too, PENANG PENANG!!! and of coz i love Sabah!

specialhuman said...


ya la ya la. kiasu la.


ya. We just simply love nice places. :)

Anonymous said...

hi kaevin, may I know where u ply basketball at night? cnt find a place wif lighting

kaevin goh said...

Hi Anonymous,

The basketball I mentioned is located in Sungai Nibong.