Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Baby 2009

Before I even start the post, let's take a look at this...

44 places to go in 2009 by New York Times

Penang ranked number 22 in Times Recommendations and ranked number 2 in Reader Recommendations.

and I don't even know lok-lok represents Penang. lol

What say you? :) (Does that make it an sensitive issue...:P)

School has started and I am now in KL. I haven't been able to get online for a few days as the internet connection was cut off as a result of overdue outstanding fee.

and something exciting was awaiting for me in the uni.

No, it was not somebody ripping off my shirt and no it was not leng lui lecturer awaiting for me in the class.

It was this

UTAR First Prototype Robot

Ok I know it doesn't look that appaling but they did it in one week! and let's see what it could do.

Ok I didn't join them last week making this robot because I was in Penang rushing for my internship reporting and blogged about how awesome Penang is. :P

But somehow I regretted for not joining them as it would be totally fun and fruitful. I have this fascination for robots you know.

Anyway, it's still not too late. The team which made this robot decided to join ABU Robocon 2009. Of course it's national level before this international level. and I decided to be part of the team.

Honestly, UTAR is very new and we are the pioneer of this. Other rival universities like UTM and MMU they got plenty of experience and resources and they are totally awesome.

Therefore, for this competition, we will put in our effort, try our best, if possible kick some asses and enjoy every bit of it.

I love Robot~ XD


kykhor said...

"Autobot, transform!"

Niel said...

haha. go tap ur car and c whether it changes into an auto =.=
go and do the best yo!

calvin said...

After watching the video, I have to say that UTAR still have a long way to go. It's just my personal, honest opinion. Anyway, give your best shot and ganbatte ;)

Good luck!

~Live Life~ said...

Actually, now in this world, even for y''s really not a long way to go! Even cellphones only got popular in the United States since 2000...(later than Malaysia)...but now they have more advanced cellphones in the world...

The market for knowledge is open to everyone...its just see how far your determination goes!

Good luck!!

kykhor said...

technology != commercial

The scientist who invented digital camera sensor back in 70s might not have lived long enough to see his technology grew to change the world 30 years later.

And of course, no money for him lol.

=chuan guan= said...

haha..i knew u nvr miss to blog this since...u been "cheating" ppl into financing this new society..hahaha...

btw..da new times recommended penang with wrong pic d lar..
moral of the story..dun trust info from webbie..unreliable source..

mcfoody said...

i miss those food stuffnial

Anonymous said...

kapan suka pinang tapi suka lok lok dan jung jung , sedap wek , bapak rasa dia punya fish ball jugak sedap , kapan pi baghi saya , jangan lupa ya

specialhuman said...


Aint no bumblebee here XD


I did and it didn't :P


haha. That's just some prototype robot ma. Anyway, we are really lack of experience and need more resources. But let's see what happen at the end of the day k?


~Live Life~:

Ya. But we need knowledge + experience too. I think it might not be long way to go but still it's not short. :)

ky khor:

poor guy

chuan guan:

and you are one of them XD

lol. New York Times is more than a webbie k?


There's time for everything. :)