Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009 New Year Solution

Well it came kinda late but still, better than none right?

2008 has been a great year for me. However there were things that I wished I never done or things that I should have done and 2009 is the year for me to make amendment, to revamp and to change.

Like any other post I have written in the end of the year. First I would like to apologise to anyone whom I have let down, neglected, hurt and insulted. Just want you guys to know that I didn't do it on purpose. I am no perfect human you know. So it's a new year and let's get everything started brand new ok?

Let's talk about new year resolution now. Hmm. They said instead of unrealistic goals, we should come out with down-to-earth new year solution so that by the end of the year, you won't feel as guilty.

First let's look at my 2008 resolution
i. Get myself a camera.þ
ii. Figure out what I'm gonna do for my final year project.. [ah uh, still haven't got a single clue about it]
iii. Complete at least half of the 'destinations' list..[ops....still cannot finish la....The list keeps on growing...hehe]
iv. Study and learn really hard. Not just to score in the exam, but to strive to be a competent and qualified engineer.. [Not quite yet. Have to work harder]

So I only completed 1/4 of my 2008 resolution. tsk tsk tsk....paiseh nya...:P so i was caught red-handed. XD

Well, let's get 2009 ones started.

1. Keep my weight at 60kg by all means.
I'll be having problem squeezing into Air Asia seats if it's more than that. So it means I'll have to exercise more and avoid all kind of all-you-can-eat buffet. [erm....shouldn't be that hard right?]

2. Study hard.
I mean really really hard. I am already in the last three or four trimesters in uni. If I don't keep up and stay alert, I might just bloody flunk it. Plus I am holding some vice president post in the Robocon society (No I don't know how to build Asimo. :P) and the leader post in Setapak Gospel Centre's Teen Fellowship (hell yeah I am still a teen!). I really need to be wise in my time management. [I can do this as long as I stop procratinating, all the time XD]

3. Improve musically.
Practise for a better voice, guitar and piano. I realized that I haven't learnt new stuffs for a very long time and the skill is starting to deteriote. Music has been part of my life and I don't want it to get rotten and I eventually become someone the 18-year-old me dreaded and loathed to become. :(

4. Continue learning Japanese.
It is very much unlikely for me to enrol in a Japanese class anymore in KL as the centre is a thousand miles away and I don't have time for that. As for classes offered by UTAR, last semester the teacher already expressed clearly that it is needless and useless to further learning Japanese. So i signed up in and got some book to do self study. Anyway this is the one with least priority. So wish me luck!

2009 is a great year.


Niel said...

60kg? i'm just 55. wassup with u yo? =.=

2009 is a new year for me. bt so far i've only taken the 'study hard' resolution.

+u for 2009!

~Live Life~ said...

Jia you!

Mimi said...

u will always be popular and good looking , all the best !!!!!!and dun care if ur haters thrash u , whey have nothing better to do!

PrincessX said...

are you that big size? i can't believe

can't wait for your new song anyway, i wish i could write one too...sigh...

Anonymous said...

hello ,are u that big? "everywhere"?

specialhuman said...


Say it when u r 22. LOL


Live Life:



Thanks. I think you have nothing to do also. ;p


lol. My bone heavy la.

Thanks. Will upload if there's any properly recorded new songs.


I'll leave that for your own imagination.