Monday, December 08, 2008

Weirdo Hat Yai

I would love to title this post all the names Anonymous suggested however the things I am going to write is not really related so I'll stick to this title :)

So I am gonna blog about some weirdly strange and strangely weird encounters in Hat Yai. (Well some of them might be perfectly normal. So you be the judge)

1. High Tech Monks

I was at the Hill Temple when I saw them. I thought they were there to worship or perform rituals. However I was surprised when one of the monks took out a Sony Ericson 3G phone and started speaking when I was queing at the ticket counter with them. Well, I thought 'that's still pretty normal, monk also needs to talk right?'. However when I walked towards the temple, one of them took out a Canon digital camera and started camwhore taking photos. hmmm...Were they on a vacation?

2. Tangled cables

I seriously think that Thailand needs more Electrical Engineer to help them out with their cables. Although the cables are insulated, they are supposed to be organizedly connected. and this doesn't happen to only one place, I saw it everywhere I went.

3. Overpriced tuk-tuk

We were charged 15 bathts per person on a two blocks away ride. I know this is a tourist price but apparently it was too much. Six of us went in, and voila, he got 90 bathts for a 10 minutes ride. Anyway to be fair, I could see that they are actually living a tough life and on a great scale of competition so I am not making a fuss here. Just digging out something to blog about. :)

and amazingly, they can actually drive with so many stickers all over the windscreen. I didn't really take a look at it but I guess they were road tax sticker? Then I guess the windscreen will be full of the stickers after a few years.

4. Unknown drink

I saw these in the fridge of the local supermarket in line with other soft drinks and fruit juice. I wasn't sure of the nature of the drinks so I didn't buy them. Anyone from Thailand can tell me more about them?

5. Lady-Boys Show

I guess this will be the most anticipated part?

Man boobs?

The entertainer who made fun of herself 

I guess some of you were waiting anxiously to see how I am going to blog about these ah gua aka lady-boys thing. I'll just write about what and how I think about them.

The first thing that came to my mind was no difference from most of the people who watch the show for the first time: "Walao eh. Are they really guys?". As you can see apart from their overly makeup-ed faces, all of them possess bodyshape that girls envy, guys drool.

But never forget that they were men.

I don't know about the others but as I continued watching, I had this feeling that I was actually watching a freak show. Ya, freak show is some kind of show in the circus performed by some of the people who were handicapped or deformed either by nature, or by accidents, or by purpose.

Stop right here if you think that I thought that they were disguisting. In fact it was the opposite, I found myself disguisting. Simply because the fact that I was enjoying the misery of the other people, or to be more specific, other men. Be clear that I am not discriminating them. Read on.

People might view them as an object or an entertainment remotely, distancely and detachedly. Simply because their lives don't cross.

Ya, right after this show, they might take a photo of them and leave and make all this an after-dinner topic and then totally forget about it.

What if one of your siblings or one of your relatives or even one of your friends decided to be one of them? Would you oppose this idea? Would you still happily sit in front and watch the show and laughed when they rubbed their breasts on an audience's face? Would you still feeling all proud after squeezing their boobs?

I am not talking about the all morality right or wrong stuffs here. I am also not talking about whether they were born with that or their choices or are they happy with their life or whatsoever. I am talking about viewing them as a person, a fellow human being like you and me.

Do you?

ps: I blogged about this topic with a different approach and it were really how I felt. No offence to anyone outhere.


calvin said...

I am pretty sure the others will fire you for your unexpected approach on this post. It was totally unexpected, but I guess it just make it harder for people like Anonymous to comment on this post.

Right-on ;)

P/S: I like the way you chose to blog on this topic because it makes us think ;)

stupid said...

1. for me high tech is not an adjective, haha~
2. mayb their engineers propose "mind the result, process is not important"
3. dont hav the "batht" concept, but compare to food, ya, bit too much.
and u finally proved that human drive with feeling.
4. google "hang drink thailand", i think the 1st one is the answer. (you know how to read, so, din't "original,foreplay,virgin" inspire you something?~~)
5. familiar with majority theorem? it's "ungooglable" though~
i guess you should step back and look at the big picture(i love this word~)

~Live Life~ said...

Nice sharing...

True...there is no point in digging into the causes and reasons...

Love thy thy enemies...

See humans as one race...

Human race...

Anonymous said...

I am gonna post my comment in 2 parts .The 1st part i will tell u who i am .The 2nd part is what i think about ur current post .Please reply to both.
Part 1: I have to say [perhaps u might be angry] that i was one of the persons that stormed ur blog to "add funny comments" in that "unfatefull post"[but please! im not "doreen chew" , that was gross] .In fact, i really dont know who the rest of them u would have noticed many thought it was a fun trail and decided to add their "comments".....OK , why i am posting "better" comments now is bcoz i realize that u are a blogger , that means u are a storyteller .I find my self reading ur posts everyday as i want to know ur stories.So i decided that , if u stop blogging , there will be no more stories.Even though some posts are not as good as the others , the fact is ....i still view them.And it will be a pity if i cause u to stop blogging as i dun have anymore stories to view.So i have decided to continue leaving comments here in a more"appropriate" manner.But remember , i am only one of them that "stormed " ur blog on that poor post.The rest of them , honestly , i dont know.

Anonymous said...

Part 2:SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how much i want to criticize and trash ....i have to agree ur right . The main reason why i was pestering u was bcoz a fren of urs CG had a blog about ah gua's and he put it in a eye candy point of view.......but what u say is actually right.They are putting themselves really low by doing that .I would rather a person be a gay or lesbian[as i have many good friends like that] rather than change their physical identity[like ah gua ],So kae vin , what do u think about my opinion of my last sentence , do u agree or disagree ?And by the way , i am changing my name to "legion of darkness", in my next posts

specialhuman said...


Well, no one did that. Hahaha.


ps: You need to think more, if not you'll get the disease starting with the letter A.....(still can't stop teasing u XD)


Step back and look at the big picture...

Now that's deep. :)

~live life~:

Ya. and didn't Jesus come to this world and befriended hookers and tax collectors?

We are still too far away from seeing human as one race, yet.

Anonymous/legion of darkness:

Thanks for recognizing me as a blogger or a storyteller.

No worries I'll continue to blog.


Well, CG is my friend and I guess the way he blogged about that was just to stimulate some fun in his blog. Nothing personal about it.

About your question, I guess I'll simply put it this way:

I can accept anyone, but I do not condone their behaviour/wrong-doings.

That makes things much simpler. :)