Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ordinary Hat Yai

"You went Thailand? So brave ar you." was the response when I told people I went there.

Come on I didn't go to Bangkok k. In fact I went to Hat Yai last weekend, with my family by the way. :P

Hat Yai and Bangkok are 12 hours apart by bus. So there was no riot no protest no violence no chicken anything you read in the newspaper in Hat Yai. It was as peaceful as a dove there. and the very fact that I am still here digging my nose blogging proved that it was safe there.  

After some thoughts, I decided to blog about this trip in 3 parts, as opposed to my previous way of blogging which posted 2448039 photos in one blog just because they are from one trip. Afterall, I decided to zoom in to some details in my post and include some of my thoughts whenever possible so that it won't sound like a travelogue. Anyway this post will still be very much travelogue alike. So no worries. 

So the first thing we did in Thailand was looking for what it's famous for - chicken.

Naked chicken. lol

To be honest, I don't really like following tour. Simply because you go places that are either very commercialized or simply meaningless. But I am a good boy who followed my parents there and had everything paid. So why not? :P 

When I told people that I went to an Aqua.....rium, they rolled their eyes exactly the way I rolled my eyes when the tour guide said we were going to visit an Aquarium in Songkhla province. lol.

The only spectacular thing in the aquarium. lol. Ended up she is a Philippine and she could speak decent English. and ya I was pretty sure that it was a she. She was working in Aqua...rium okay?

The long anticipated Aqua Show

We proceeded to the Songkhla beach. This photo was taken from the Hill Temple. The island is known as Rat Island as the shape resemblances tikus. It was scenic however the picture was blurry due to the rain.

The little kid following the tour. Absolutely adorable.

and there's this mermaid statue. Lol. I was sleeping when the tour guide was telling us the stories of the mermaid. Anyway I think she should go to Marie France to get rid of her excessive fat first. lol

Familiar huh? lol The Siam Merlion. I think it kind of proves the Evolution Theory by Darwin XD

My signature jump.

The beach-side stalls which sold stuffs and food. Too bad I was having some kind of diarrhea that time so I avoided them. :(

After we left the beach then only they told me that this eggs were eggs with embryo and it actually tasted good! zOMG I missed it. I thought it was just some ordinary eggs.

Later on, it was the local products shopping moment and all those aunties that were half dreaming half sleeptalking in the bus suddenly became Tomb Raider or Charlie Angel alike upon reaching the shop (especially when the tour guide told them there were cheap bird nests and shark fins. What the heck.)

We checked in to our hotel after that. I was preparing to go somewhere else. Anyway I'll skip the night and jump to the next morning first. Be patient a bit k?

Raining Hat Yai street

Well nothing much to talk about also. The next morning we went shopping again.  

Morning market shopping!

Well if you know how to buy things and bargain you can really get some good deals. No wonder there're thousands of Malaysians and Singaporeans flocking in this city although there is actually nothing very special about Hat Yai.

and sorry to those who didn't see the expected stuffs but I'll keep the good stuffs last. There will be another 2 posts. One for food, one for weird stuffs. Stay tuned k? ;) 


~Live Life~ said... is always nice reading your blog...

Can't wait for the weird stuffs...wakaka...

Niel said...

i think i knw what the 'weird stuffs' are =.=

Anonymous said...

u sure u didnt go there for the ah gua? sure or not ....:p

Anonymous said...

wei wei ... where is the most important part of this trip ? i tot u r going to write a blog abt the Ar Gua... the picture surely shock the reader ... kakakak

calvin said...

Rat Island looks more like a pair of over shaped boobs pointing out from the sea to me =)

=chuan guan= said...

u din squeeze the man boobs like kennysia did? such a waste..lolz..although i neo u would love to..whahahahahhahaa

specialhuman said...

~live life~:

Thanks. You have a nice blog too. You should consider open it up for public as I see there's nothing personal.

Well, patience is a virtue ;)


Prophet niel.


Stay tuned la.


I said there'll be three parts. Haih...another one who commented without finished reading the post.


Do you have to comment on something like this? You are lowering yourself to Chuan Guan's level kind of comments.

Chuan Guan:

You can do that in that future. and I said there'll be another 2 posts coming. It proved somewhat half of the readers didn't finish reading my post.

Next time I should just put photo.


calvin said...

Isit because you want me to comment about the "akua thingy"? I think others have commented enough on that and also, I already know what happened to you at Hat Yat xD

No matter how hard I try, I don't think anyone will be able to reach his level ;)

Anonymous said...

calvin , u sound as if cg is an ah gua , lol

specialhuman said...


lol. Why you always simply revealed my things when I told you not too?

and I trully agreed with you about CG. Hahaha


I call him Ah Guan. lol. Anyway, he's man of all men. No worries. :)

斌份世界 said...

nice trip!!

specialhuman said...

kean ping:

Hey thanks for dropping by! :)