Monday, December 22, 2008

No Eye See

I did something what a spoilt brat usually does.

I crashed my car against the highway barrier.

I was daydreaming.

Unconsciously I was driving the usual way I drive - with proximity to the side.

There were a couple of things on my mind and I think I forgot that I was driving as my mind wandered to the other far end of the universe.

As I approached the toll (I was still another 1km away from the toll) I looked for my Touch N' Go and I tilted my head a little bit.

and I banged the barrier.

My heart broke into pieces when I saw the cracked headlight and the dented and scratched surface.

It feels like a little kid breaking a toy he treasures a lot, except this is a huge one.

I lost my appetite for the whole day, for it's the stupidest mistake I have ever made in 21 years.

No Eye See.


calvin said...

Aiyoh, accident again meh? Drive lah more properly from now on...

Anyway, of the two things you were wondering, one of it must be of you missing my absence for days already, isn't it?


Niel said...

now everyone is gonna sing 'Bighead KV' =.=

anson said...

still trying to get out from the castle?? ^_^

well.. everyone will make stupid mistakes in their life.. including gkv, and not excluding lly..

try to learn lesson from the mistakes and you will start to appreciate the mistakes that you have just done!

- seems like 2008 is not a "good" year for you to be on the road -

specialhuman said...


Ok I will drive more properly.
Ya I am missing your absence. Not your presence. lol :P


My head is big enough ady. :(


Ya. Apparently got out already. :P

I agreed. But that's just extraordinarily stupid. :(

2008 is a bad year on road. I agreed.

kykhor said...


specialhuman said...


I am prepared for that >_<