Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Last Day

Today is the day marking the end of my internship. It also means that I am getting back to school and be a preppy student again.

Usually, people use one quarter of their lives to prepare themselves, and another 2 quarter to earn, and another 1 quarter counting the days.

Apparently, I have another one and a half year to go and I'll be graduating. So I have almost reached the end of my first quarter and I am supposed to be well-equipped to enter the next phase of life.

I don't know whether am I ready for it. I don't know whether all the Faraday's Law and Kirchhoff's Law are going to help me survive the future. I don't know with the gloomy mood in the global financial status, how things will work out in the future. I don't if I have enough confidence to face the unknowns. I don't know a lot of things.

But I know the ground that I am standing. I know what is my center of gravity. I know that if I stumble and fall, I am going to get up again. I know where to go if the world repels. I know who to talk to when the sky falls apart.

Anyway back to the internship thing. Sincerely I must say that I am fortunate to have an indeed cool experience and a rather friendly working environment. Well it's a drastic difference if you compare the internship I had last year where I finished reading Harry Potter in the office because no one cared. lol.

During these three months of my internship, I had a glimpse of what's going on in the company and also the microprocessor world.

Well I shall stop further commenting about this company. Later got people say me glamourising it. :P

In a nutshell, it's a fruitful 3-month experience.


Happy New Year~!


Niel said...


calvin said...

Has the working stress made you slimmed down so much? If it's a yes, then I shall start considering going for an internship xD

Happy New Year :)

calvin said...

Oh yea, I am the first one to comment for the year 2009. Damn bangga, can ^.^

Fren said...

hey u slim down a lot la , what happened ? eat properly la my friend

~Live Life~ said...

I don't believe in this...

"Usually, people use one quarter of their lives to prepare themselves, and another 2 quarter to earn, and another 1 quarter counting the days."

Anyway, its like a blink of an eye that you have finished your internship...(from the point of view from reading your blog)...

Good that you gained lots of stuffs and experience...

Keep up the motivation and learn as much as u can before stepping out into the real world!!


anson said...

when shall we have our 1st dinner in 2009? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Bunnyman? more like condom man hahaha :) cheers

specialhuman said...




Did I?

and you should consider going for anything that can slim you down.

Happy New Year. :P

lol. Ok la. Should I give u an award or something?


Did? I eat very properly lei.

~Live Life~:

You didn't explain why don't you believe in that? you, it's fast because my internship only happens in my blog. :P Anyway me myself actually feels that it's so damn fast also.

Thanks. You too.


So fast wanna date me liao a? :P Anytime la. We still have one year to waste. XD


Condom-man? Who knows the company has a side business? :P