Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deja Vu

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I have lost my sense of time. I forget when was I here and why was I here eventhough I try hard to remember.

Despite the fact that I remember nothing, I realize that I know quite a number of things. In fact, I can be considered knowledgeable - like how I diagnose myself to have amnesia as I don't remember a single thing from the past.

Here, is a quiet castle standing in the midst of nowhere. Besides a cozy breeze that is always blowing, silence is the only word to describe this place.

Perhaps, you can call it ruins as they look like leftover pieces of the past. Is the past of this building colliding with the past of mine? I try to put the pieces that has fallen apart together but I still do not have a single clue about this place, and myself. 

There is no sign of life here, no birds tweeting in the day and no crickets chirping in the night. The only creature that seems to be alive is me and perhaps some other plants, that is, if you even consider trees as creatures.

Trust me, I have tried harder than you can even imagine to get out from this eerie place. For once, I dug a tunnel with my bare hands for endless days and nights to find a way out. To my utter surprise, I found this staircase underground and to my dissapointment, it leads to nowhere. When I say nowhere, it means nowhere. The end of the stairway leads to a place full of white lights and when I step into it, I find myself standing on the very same place where the stairway begins. I even try to break the wall but to no avail, I always end up at the very same stairway. Don't ask me why, I don't know either. 

It's as if I am in another dimension that doesn't belong to the planet Earth (Why would I know I am supposed to be in planet Earth in the first place?). When I walk out of the castle, I walk on the seemingly endless road. No matter which direction I go, I get back to the castle at last. It works exactly the way the staircase works. Walking the trail is fun though. At least that's not what I do everyday.

Often, I lean against the pillar outside the courtyard to ponder about the philosophical eternal questions of life (like why am I wearing a pair of Baleno jeans). Usually I'll doze off after a couple of minutes. It's very much a perfect way to spend the afternoon I would say.

To be honest, I have actually given up trying to get out from this place. Besides digging and walking, I even dive into the river hopefully that it will carry me to the sea or something and I guess you know what happens next - I get back to the very same place. 

However that doesn't mean my curiosity has gone and I stop looking for answer. I am still as eager as the first second (When is even my first second?) I step into this place to look for an answer. I try out all the possible things I can ever think of and I made an hypothesis: someone alters something here. You see, the law of gravity is not really working here. I could jump off the building and nothing really happens to me. Well I still fall from the building at the very same speed you would fall on planet earth and I still hit the ground, the only thing is that it has no effect on me. I am no superman and the ground is hard and I guess the only logical explanation here is that the law of gravity is not really applicable here.

To be continued.......


kykhor said...

kellie castle?

Anonymous said...

hey show ur six pack la ....i will be waiting to see it in utar

stupid said...


(stupid Q: why second is second?)

specialhuman said...




U wanna see it here or in UTAR? Can you make it clear?


:) The ending will surprise you.

second is determined by quartz, this is what my prof told me.

Anonymous said...

u can show us here la , if cant i will still be waiting in utar