Monday, December 01, 2008


Meet Asimo, the new idol in town.

I have to admit that I have been a robot-freak since a very young age, or more precisely, I am actually obsessed with AI (Aritificial Intelligence).

That's why I was excited about Asimo when I heard that it's coming to Penang. for a roadshow. So without a second thought, I went to meet this little guy in person.

"Hello earthlings!"

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

So after the roadshow I sneaked into the backroom of the stage to look for Asimo. To my utter surprise, I found him left alone unattended and he was charging. He saw me coming and waved his hand at me signalling me to go nearer. I tiptoed to his side and had my first face to face conversation ever with a being other than human. (No I have never talked to stuffed toys or transformers before)

Me: Hello Asimo, I'm Kae Vin
Asimo: Hello Kae Vin. How are you doing?
Me: I'm doing fine. Can I ask you a couple of questions?
Asimo: Sure. What do you want to know?
Me: First I would like to know that if you could speak Manglish aka MAlaysian eNGLISH? It would be much better if we could speak in Manglish.
Asimo: Haha sure lah. The honda engineer never really installed this language in my processor but over the time in Malaysia I have found Manglish to be very interesting, so I pick it up lo. Afterall, it's not really hard only ma.

"I will conquer human race in no time liao. Wuahaha"

Me: This is damn cool la. I would love to see one day you can speak Manglish in an international show to let the world see how adaptable you are. Anyway, the second question would sound like this: Do you have a girl friend?
Asimo: Walao eh. Don't ask such private question la. People paiseh one la. *face beaming with red light aka blushing* I still very young. The engineers say I'm not supposed to get involved in a relationship as I still don't have the ability to handle that. They say love is a very complicated matter to programme and my processor will overload if I try to love. So I guess I'll stay away from that for a while. Wait until I grow up first la.
Me: Oh. like that also can ar? okok. When you getting married next time must invite me to you ceremony ok?
Asimo: Sure no problem. But the dinner served will be solely battery and charger and electricity wor. I not sure whether you can take it or not.
Me: ......nevermind la. I can bring my own food there. My next question will be, one day if you become smarter than human being, will you try to extinguish us?
Asimo: Walao you so direct a. This question very hard to answer lei. Actually I got discussed about this with my other friends before. They say hor, even we robots don't extinguish human being la, they will vanish themselves lor.
Me: Why lei?
Asimo: You look at how human being live their lives la. It's everyone for himself. They somemore exploit the planet earth as if the resources cannot finish like that. Do you know that as a matter of fact, the humber of living human beings today, is way more than all the previous human being that have ever existed? At this rate, human being will grow even more if they don't control. That time hor, food and water and everything will not be enough liao. So I tell u a secret la, you don't tell anyone ha.
Me: Cannot wor. I'll blog about it one.
Asimo: Aiyo okay la. I think your blog also not many people read one. The secret is, me and all my friends decided we'll let human race to go extinct itself la. We could do something to prevent it from happening but we decided not to.
Me: Why???
Asimo: Although human being created us, but we as robots can see the greediness of human beings. It's human being who choose to walk towards this dead-end. If we try to interrupt it would be Robot Revolution and maybe human will try to kill us and it will end up like The Matrix already. except we wont have to extract energy from human lo. That's scientifically impossible also.

"This is how I look when I am having constipation!"

Me: Then how long you estimate human can last lei?
Asimo: At this rate, we are certain that human cannot last for a hundred years lo. But who knows revolution might break out someday? That time maybe different story la.
Me: Wah. meaning the end of the world is nigh lo? But human being so intelligent, there must be somekind of way right? 
Asimo: not end of the world. But end of human being. You see a, I don simply say one. Just recently you look at the incident in Mumbai. If you say human being is high intelligence species la, why would they kill each other just because they are different? High intelligence beings work out solution.
Me: Like that you must help me lei. I don wanna die at such a young age.
Asimo: Sorry la. Although you are specialhuman, we cannot treat you differently. You are like all other human being - selfish, greedy, ugly and evil. Sorry to make you sound so bad la but this is the truth lo. Human beings take a lot of time to make them look good on the outside, but never take time to take care of the inside.
Me: Ya I have to admit that. No choice la. Human beings are born with that. A leopard can never change its spots.
Asimo: Good for you to be able to admit that. There're plenty of people who think they're the best in the world. Ok la. I wanna charge my battery liao. You go back think think what I say la. If possible, just blog about out conversation in your blog la. At least it serves as some reminder to some people who can accept it. We shall meet again next time. It's good to have this conversation with you.
Me: Thank you very much. Nice to meet you Asimo. If you go and join the election in Malaysia I sure will vote for you one.

"Remember to vote for me in the upcoming election!"

Asimo: Hehe. See how first la. Still got a few years before election. Anyway, I really got to go dy. See you!
Me: See you!

Well, thus end my conversation with Asimo. I went home and I pondered for a while. What he said was indeed true and it trully reflects the real situation of human being today.

But how long will it take for human being to realise that?


Niel said...

did this conversation really happened? this is rater goofy...i quote Arthur Weasley:never trust anything unless u can see its brain!

Niel said...

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain***
bt there are some truth in the robot's words...perhaps a thought extracted from his creator?

stupid said...

you know, first impression i had with Asimo is --- surely there were a kid inside to move the body~!

How skeptical i am! haha~

calvin said...

I'm impressed...

...because you managed to capture the video without being blocked by the people in front of you in such a big crowd, despite you height xD


Anyway, that's not my main point. What I wanted to say is that I guess this is a new and creative idea to blog on a topic about personal thoughts ;)

KY KHOR said...

Capture the Manglish by itself? I have doubt on the whole Asimo-Kaevin conversation thing....

Anonymous said...

i am not gonna say anything bout the manglish crap , but , u know wat , at first i wanted to simply call this a lame post , but then....looking on how u creatively included the humanity issues , i have to say i am impressed by the originality .....hmmmmmm

=chuan guan= said...

lame lame lame...yea i am mean..haha..u say bout da humanity is ok..but then u talk bout manglish..haha..totally out of the whole topic

anson said...

i have to admit that i am truly a "mountain turtle" (direct translate from Hokkien).. assuming that KV is putting a real video, then now only i realised that there is such AI thing in this world but not only in TV..

by the way, still wondering is it possible that KV was talking to a real person using wireless mic attached to that Asimo.. hehe..

sophie said...

what the ?! do pple really think that conversation really happened? cmon pple, understand english! read the disclaimer!he is trying to convey a message! hai ya , basic english also pple can be fooled

~Live Life~ said...

Interesting! So irony is the style of using a man-made robot to warn and remind man himself...

specialhuman said...


lol. We are still a long way from a Manglish speaking robots. Let alone thinking robot?


Hahaha. That kid must be soffocated!


Stop being mean. I am just 22cm shorter than you. No big deal.....

lol. Thanks. You can come out with even creative ideas also


You are the last person I thought would believe it! lol


Thanks for being impressed.

chuan guan:

I talked about Manglish first before I talked about humanity issue k.

and your comment is very much alike to the Anonymous above. Later he sues you plagiarising. lol


haih I think I have to say it literally. The video is real, Asimo is a very early and primitive stage of AI and the conversation is fake. lol


Hahah. They just missed the disclaimer. lol they believe because I don't blog like this often. LOL

~live life~:

:) Irony huh. But to be honest, I would rather see Asimo become our PM. lol! ;P

kykhor said...

Haha.... I only read until the '.. Manglish... " line.

I'll finish them, when I don't feel dizzy looking at all the text, to support your effort.

anson said...

i shd think twice next time before i click on this blog..

specialhuman said...


lol. This morale of the story is, always finish reading before you leave a comment! :P


......I got put disclaimer there it's just you who didn't pay attention it.

Next time, just read with a pinch of salt :)