Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sweet Tooth

To be honest, I am not a true blue fan for sweet food.

I mean, I like chocolate and strawberry ice cream but I don't particularly crave for sweet food.

Anyway, recently these two really sweet thing have completely swept away my perspective towards them.

Well, they are pretty normal thing but I just didn't know that they can taste so....distinctive.

The first one would be the Egg Tart from Nam Hiong Kopitiam at Ipoh old town. (Not the franchise Old Town but it's literally Old Town in Ipoh.)

On the way down from Cameron Highland last week, we enjoyed some tea break before heading back to Penang.

Nam Hiong

The egg tart was so famous that even before they were baked, people started queing up for it already. We managed to get a few pieces as we ordered beforehand.

During that moment I didn't really have any appetite for such a sweet thing like egg tart as I was not feeling well after a sudden change of temperature. (It was chilling in Cameron Highland and smouldering in Ipoh).

Anyhow, I took a bite of the egg tart and I found myself wanting to have a second bite. The crust was neither too hard nor too soft and it was crispy and it went together perfectly well with the egg jelly filling thingy (how do you call that?). The egg jelly filling thingy was warm as it was fresh from oven and I felt like it was melting right away on my tongue.

The egg tart
Tempted? Go for it if you happen to be in Ipoh. Anyway, I don't really know the location of the shop but I have an indicator for you to know if you are in the right shop.

Look for this auntie with her well-groomed old school 沈殿霞 hairstyle. By the way, ignore Jeffery whose only purpose was to serve as a decor.


The second one would be the Roti Bakar and Half Boiled Egg from Joo Leong Kopitiam, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

It is only a 10 minutes drive from my working place to this kopitiam. It islocated right beside of a three lane high way beside the airport and Free Trade Zone and there are no parking space around the area.

So the creative I-will-do-anything-for-good-food-including-risking-my-car- to-be-banged Penangites just park their cars at the left lane of the highway. 

It was full of people when I reached there.

This cafe operates daily from 7 - 1130 am. But don't go at 1130 as my friend told me by 10 something they would be sold out already.

So we ordered the famous Roti Bakar and Half Boiled Egg which we usually call it Nor Tei Nor Liap. (Two Pieces and Two Biji)  

The roti bakar was only baked with butter on top. There was a bottle of granulated sugar there for the customer to sprinkle it on top of the roti.

This roti bakar is actually a very common food which can be found litterally anywhere in any kopitiam in Malaysia. However, the roti bakar from Joo Leong has such a unique taste and fragrance that really make you ask for more. It is a little bit salty and slightly burned odour. Further more, it is perfect to be dip the roti into the still hot half boiled egg and stuff the roti into the mouth in one shot. 

The half boiled egg. I think they used kampong chicken egg or something cause it really tasted different from the original eggs from Hypermarket. Having it with tau yew and pepper is a must. :)

and there were a Japanese couple sitting behind us. I guess that was how far the Kopitiam has stretched its name to. :)

oh yeah, not to forget that it even has its own website:

These two food are a must-try if you are a sweet tooth and not afraid of dying with diabetes (lol Actually not that sweet also la). and I think I am getting better at blogging food. 


and I am expecting hate comments from those who are now oversea.



Niel said...

something ChefWan-nish abt this blog now...haha

~Live Life~ said...

Nice recommendations...but too bad too far, too long time for me...

Will definitely search for it when I am back in Malaysia...

Considering boycott ur blog d...wakaka...

Mcfoody said...


calvin said...

I will be nice this time. I don't hate you, but I love you LOL xD

I think the roti bakar smell so nice because they use charcoal to burn it, right? Just wondering, do they sell nor tei, chit tiau? =P

Anonymous said...

the filling thingy is known as custard

=chuan guan= said...

The half boiled egg. I think they used kampong chicken egg or something cause it really tasted different from the original eggs from Hypermarket.

hahahhaa..u such a...haha...crapzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

I've been to the penang one. I didn't know the name of the shop actually,keke!!All I knew was my mum took us there and i tell you...You will sure come back for the second time!!!And also, they sell food at night too. Something like seafood and noodles thingy. You can choose what you want to put and if I'm not mistaken you can order either normal or tom yam. I'm not sure till now they still have it or not. It was a slightly a bit pricey, but it tastes good.

specialhuman said...


I don't cook k. and i m not as gay as him lol :P

~live life~:

hahah. U can try it when u r back in Penang.

lol. Boycott is not an option. It's too luring dy. :P




Ya right they used charcoal. and they do sell nor tei chit tiau lol. But I guess for u, it should be nor liap bor tiau. :P

chuan guan:

such a wat? :P


Yeah. It's at Bayan Lepas area near the air port and yeah at night they have this seafood tomyam.

It's considered pricy compared to other places but they have their reputation. :)

mr . eckhart said...

is it true u and calvin a couple ? as in his blog comments?im ur coursemate and i was wondering if wat those comments were correct or not.....

anson said...


specialhuman said...

mr eckhart:

lol then tell me what post am I holding in class?


haha. u mean food again? :P

mr.eckhart said...

assistant course rep

specialhuman said...

mr eckhart

lol. Then why don't you leave your real name here? Don have to be shy ;)

mr.eckhart said...

of course im shy .....but are u stalling my question , haha

bambootong said...

hey, after read ur blog, feel very hungry lah!!!!!

mr.eckhart said...

but dun worry i still support u if ur gay or not :)

specialhuman said...

mr eckhart,

Sorry to disappoint you but I am neither couple with calvin nor gay. Thanks for your support anyway. :)


Yeah. Hungry then go makan la. ;)

calvin said...

"nor liap bor tiau"?

HAHA, wtf.

See! You yourself are creating a scandal now. So, don't blame me if any problems crops out later.

p/s to mr. eckhart: so, are you the "anonymous" that left a few comments over in my blog?

specialhuman said...


just found out I missed to reply the your comment. Thanks a lot for telling me the correct word to use. It's custard :)


.....u attention seeker lol. It was you who started everything....

calvin said...

No la, I'm only seeking for your love ^.^


P/S: Your blog is so wrong. Even the word verification part has the word UNDIES there.

P/S/S: And I expect your next reply will be like this:

..... or $%^&*^%$&


specialhuman said...


p/s: you are right......