Monday, November 17, 2008

Penang Bridge Loser

I knew it would be tough to run 25km especially when it was my first. Therefore I did all the necessary calculation and made sure I had enough energy to sustain through out the 25kms. My target was 3 hours and the time to walk away with a medal was 3.5 hours.

You can skip reading the details and jump right to the conclusion if you don't bother to.

2:49am. I met up with friends and walked from my home to Queensbay mall. Something fishy was going on here.

2:49am. Oh they were helping each other out...with the numbers.

3:21am. Upon reaching Queensbay mall. We took a group photo first before we were too tired and ugly for one.

Read caption clockwise

4:08am After registration, there was a warming aerobic dance.

3:40am The queue for the toilet was so long that we went behind Queensbay mall and pee there looked for the only toilet open.

4:22am Ready, get set, go!

4:43am Wah? So fast left 20km already! I think I should have no problem to finish 25km in 3 hour Grabbed a cup of 100plus and swallowed a pack of power gel.

4:51am Going up the bridge. Started to feel the steepness

5:03am Eh how come it increased? I thought it means distance left to go. Wait. This must be the distance for those full marathon people *Doing mathematics in my head* 42 - 22.5 = 19.5. zOMG I still got 19.5km to go

5:09am This must be how Santa Claus look like after losing weight by training hard for this marathon

5:19am Passed the middle part of the bridge. and this was the time I realized that my IC had slipped off my hand.

Go back look for it or continue running??

*Looked back*

It was too dark to look for a small piece of card and it was definitely not a wise choice to run against the traffic

Aiya, nevermind la. Later sure got people pick up and hand it to the lost and found counter

*Continued running*

5:48am Struggling. Started to feel the soreness on my feet. Apparently getting slower due to the increased angle of the bridge. Had a sudden crave for laksa *gulp*

5:59am 30km = 12km left!! No more strength to retake a picture although someone blocking the distance card board...500meter after this I stopped running and walked for the first time.

6:07am Got my second wrist band.

6:11am 9.5km left! However my legs refused to run away anymore. They were sore and full of lactic acid. I started to walk 100 steps for every 50 steps run.

6:50am Har? Only the middle of the bridge?? What the? Too tired to take photo in between. This photo was taken just to check the time. Started to feel like giving up.

6:54am Got shocked by the sun rise.

7:17am The sun had risen up. But my spirit had gone down.

7:00am Took this when I was stretching my legs. The muscle hardened and it felt like they were going to get a cramp.

7:24am I looked back and realized I could still make it in 3.5 hours. There were still 36 minutes left. It gave a temporary boost to my dampened spirit.

I forcefully ran and walked and it felt as if my legs were going to get cramped everytime they hit the ground. I stopped and stretched them when I really couldn't stand the pain and the stinging and acidic ache.

Don't give up you idiot

At the final kilometer I used up every single bit of strength in my legs and headed towards the finishing line.

and my right leg jerked and cramped when I stepped it on the ground when there were only 200 meters left and I fell on the ground instantly. There were these guys who walked by and helped me with the cramped leg. Millions of thanks to them.

7:57am: 100 meters left! I limped all the way to the finishing line.

7:59am: I got my cert and a medal

Well all my details were making a point here:

I had not enough training.

Yeah. I thought if I could ran 10km then I should be able to run 25km. Apparently I was too over-confident. My legs couldn't sustain 25km.

Life is like marathon isn't it? The only difference is in life, you don't know when it's going to end but you've got to keep running anyway.

and somehow you might lose your identity card in the course of life. Do not fear. Keep running.

Sometimes you might have cramps, there might be nice people to help or there might not be. Stand up after recovery and keep running.

Simply because stopping is not an option.

On a lighter note, I met Mr. Lim~ I ran to his front and snapped this photo. The security then pulled me away and treated me like a crazy fan. lol!

At the end of the day, almost everyone of us got a medal. :)

The fastest 3 among us: Y Chun - 3 hours ++, Siang - 2 hours 15 mins (ranked number 32nd!! Too bad only 15 prizes were given), me - 3 hours 36 mins (1 hour 21 minutes slower...)

I wonder how much digi paid him to do this? lol.

The date for Penang bridge run 2009 is 29 Nov. I'll definitely train harder and go for it if nothing comes in the way. and no worries I'm not going to write it in such a detail again lol :P

p/s: I made my IC today with a compound of RM50


~Live Life~ said...

Too bad you didn't find your IC in the end...sorry for u...

Nice reflections about life...

Good to know that you managed to finish the whole course...its not easy though...

Congratulations btw...have a nice rest these few days coz i think your legs must be damn tired...haha...

calvin said...

Eh, I thought cert and medal are only given to people who finished the race under 3.5 hours? But you were 6 minutes later than the time limit.

How come lah?

Niel said... noob la u. haha...but at least u learnt something. the lousiest part of the run is the waiting before it starts.

Niel said...

my gosh, i din see the CM's picture jz now. he's scared of u!

Denz said...

unbelievable... *clap clap* to all u guys who did ran for it. Damn, y din call me wei!? Kai Siang number 32! damn power yo! I'm so impressed!

hahaha. Chun!

KY KHOR said...

IC slipped away from ur hand?? how? must be you carry too many banana on both hands.

=chuan guan= said...

wow..u finished it? cant believe it man........omg omg omg omg

specialhuman said...

~live life~:

That serves as a lesson for me lo.

Thanks. hahah. 25km is definitely not a piece of cake.

Today I went to gym for another 3km treadmill run and 3 hours basketball.

I think I am recovering pretty fast :)


Do you have to be that particular and calculative? you cynic. Say that to me when you finish your 25km. =.=


Say that to me after you finish ur 25km too. =.=

the lousiest part is not the waiting before the run. The lousiest part is when you feel that you have run for a long distance in fact it's just 200m.

he's not scared of me. He was enjoying to be treated like a rock star.


Call u u can come meh? lol. and I got put in my facebook status ma. U read it already right.

haha yeah he's damn power. :)


and 100plus and energy bar and chocolate wafer and deepheat spray and camera.

chuan guan:

So sarcastic.

anson said...

clap clap!! i am so proud of u!! (althou u r not the fastest) :p

hey! calvin is not particular is calculative.. u mentioned that cert and medal will ONLY be given if anyone finish the run in 3.5 hours (which means 3 hours and 30 minutes!)
but you have done that in 3 hours and 36 minutes!!
you are not deserved for it!!!! hahaha....
if i were you, i will throw it back to the organiser, and say,
"hey! i should not take this, wait for me next year!"

too bad, you not only lost your identity, but you have also just lost your dignity.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

...sambil running sambil taking photo and holding things like IC,camera,bottle... no wonder u r slower than ppl for 1 hour++ ... lol ...

specialhuman said...


Proud of me still support calvin pulak....two headed :P

Next year u run and do that. Then only i'll listen to u :P


siao meh. Only camera n IC la. I was just bullshitting lol

Anonymous said...

pai seh la ...... said...

the digi looks stupid

calvin said...

I just remember what I commented the other day lol

Anson is just having the same opinion with me, and not necessarily he supports me. Anyway, I said the other day that saying "you had lost your dignity" is a bit too much. But still, you are still late by SIX minutes and they shouldn't have awarded the cert and medal to people who finished the race after the time limit. Isn't that going against the rules and regulations?

(Although I am very well aware that there is always a clause down there that the rules and regulations are subject to changes by the organisers)

If they do that, someone could just finish the race in 4 hours and demand for a cert and medal, because he can always say,

"I am just 30 minutes late!"

And yea, perhaps I have talked too much here. Just ignore me...

PrincessX said...

oh i still haven't tried the penang bridge run, shame shame shame...

i can swim for 1000m easily, but it kills me to run fro 1000m...hahaha

specialhuman said...


It's ok.

yes he does. and i guess u know the diff between name and url right? LOL :P


Ok u made a point. U were trying hard to fight Alzheimer's. lol :P


Don worry, u'll have plenty of chance. Perhaps u should try swimming across the bridge instead of running.