Sunday, November 02, 2008

Paying to Get Pain

Don't get me wrong. It's totally what you are thinking right now.

Ok whatever you are thinking it's not what I meant.

What I try to say is

Bola Sakit

I mean Pain Paint Ball.

Well last Saturday was my first time to go for this pay-to-shoot-and-get-shot thing.

I wasn't enthusiastic to actually be shot and get myself some blues and blacks all around but there was no way to turn down my friend such a sincere invite so I went for it.

So we made our way to Bukit Gambir, Gelugor for this thrilling and self-torturing activity at 530 in the evening.

Upon reaching there, the big banner was waving at us with a welcoming smile. (Am I too imaginative?)

and then the battlefield with a touch of Counter Strike boosted up our morale a little bit. We even climbed up to the building-in-progress flat behind there to snipe on people. and yeah, I was boasting. :P 

These are the helmets we would be wearing. Much cooler than I thought.

and the gun looked more like a toy gun but it was actually quite heavy.

Of course must camwhore a bit before the game started la. hehehe. Pardon my terrorist look.

Clean and  semangat before the game

So we are paying RM350 for 2000 kacang-putih-like bullets. 


and the game started in no time. We  set our own rules and divided into 2 teams. We were not the aggressive players who ran amok shooting at people. In fact, we fought as if it was a real battle by making use of obstacle and running around with strategies. (You can call us cowards lol)

It was indeed a whole new experience for me to fire at people with these. When I saw the bullets burst and the paint spilt on my enemies's clothes, it was indeed a euphoric moment. lol. I think I am inclined to be a violent and cruel killer. Beware all my friends :P I might one day chasing you with a paint-ball gun. (I guess that's my limit?) 

The bouncy bursty bullet.

At the end of the day my team won twice and lost once (thanks to my super violent torturous nature). The last game was a  shoot-unti-your-bullets-finished game so it was not counted. Hehe

The good guys

Caught the bad guy!

The aftermath. lol.  I think he would die for 10 times already if it's a real gun

My friend's bruise in the stomach.

I was shot once on my head, once on my right knee and once on my right foot. Well I didn't get any of the bruise.  Anyway, it's not as painful as I thought it would be. An ankle sprain in the basketball game is much worse off than 10 shot of the bullets.

If it isn't for the price, I will certainly go for it often.

I think I have fallen in love with this game.  


Niel said...

ur crazy...haha. still prefer bsktball =.=

calvin said...

it seems that you like to play with balls very much...

kym said...

i played once really hurt dun wont able to kill time got chance can play together lo..sure headshot!! XD

stupid said...

the battlefield aint "wild" enough le~

Daniel nG said...

Like this good frenzs la??
we have plan to play this games de..
but all the guys din come back!
just now u go to play also din tell me!
when u free... tell me more detail k?
keep in touch!

anson said...

i like your terrorist look man!

when would be our battle on? :p

btw, i never play that before.. spare my life..

~Live Life~ said...

I have also tried before coming to the states...I got shot in the butt and it was definitely painful...

Well, although it is nice and fun playing...but also will burn ur wallet and ur pocket too...


specialhuman said...


Why crazy? lol


What's your problem now? :P


hahaha. Sure. headshot? hahaha. See who headshot who la.


Ya. Let's look for a wilder one and we go together in the future :)

daniel ng:

Sorry la. You was going to have exam ma. Don wanna bother you. You also went eat dim sum without me ma. :P

Next time la. We sure have chance to play together. :D


Is it because it completely covered my face? =_=

haha. Well, why don't you organize that in YF~? ;)

~live life~:

haha. So how many days you had constipation? LOL ;p

Ya it's true. In my opinion, I think it's overpriced.


calvin said...

No, I've got no problems. Tell me when you are going to play with balls again and I will try to make it ;)

specialhuman said...


.....u can play meh? i tot u play with barbie dolls and something :P

anson said...

organise in YF?
good idea!!!
or YF vs TF??? ^_^

specialhuman said...


yeah. Not bad an idea. Let's make it one of next year programmes :)