Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I am suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The most typical and common kind of OCD behaviour we could see in TV is obsessing with hygiene. The person with OCD will repetively wash his hands and still not feel clean enough. He would be afraid of shaking hands with people or touching anything. You can see that in The Aviator, the play by Leonardo Dicaprio.

Anyway, I am not having one of those typical symptoms. My symptom is more off the track.

I am obsessed with Air Asia free ticket.

Somehow I was brought up in such a way that, I feel that only extremely superb rich people can fly in a plane and I'll have to wait until I become millionaire to start getting on the plane.

However, I had my first flight last year when I was climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu. That flight was not a really comfortable one. You know la, Air Asia, stewardess so so, wanna eat also need to pay, somemore the seat so cramped up I almost had a muscle cramp. lol. However the flying sensation actually gave me some adrenaline rush.

and the second time of me flying was when I visited Moses in Kuching this year.

and then Air Asia is like a farmer who hangs the carrot on the tip of the long pole in front of the donkey. It never fails to lure people with free seats which would be affordable by ordinary people like me. and it's a successful one I'll have to say. I always fall into it despite knowing that it's a trap. =.=! 

and everytime when it offers, I would have the same adrenaline rush when I was surging up the skies in the plane. I would call around and asking people to go travel with me and usually I could get people going.

and the real deal begun yesterday. I got an email from Air Asia telling me that they'll offer free seats with no fuel surcharge and I was like zOMG-why-don't-you-just-kill-me. I started to send out sms'es to people asking them if they wanted to go to Hong Kong for a two-way flights of rm150? Most of them agreed until I told them the date would be next year October.

No one was decisive enough to make the deal at 12am sharp last night. and my internet was down. So I went to bed and expected Gillian Chong to tell me that she already prepared a room for me in her house all my other friends who hadn't decided will be decisive enough to give me his answer in the morning.

However, when I woke up in the morning, I found out that most of the zero fare tickets were running out very quickly. and the thing was, no one could give me a confirmed reply. 

So with my obsessive compulsive disorder at its max I couldn't stand no more and I thrillingly obsessively compulsively compellingly bought the air ticket. Yes you hear read me correctly, I bought the air ticket for myself to Hong Kong for a two way price of rm158. 

By late afternoon today, I think 90% of the free tickets were sold out.

which means no one will go with me, even those who were 60% inclined to go with me. (Due to the price la.) 

which means I'm gonna bloody go hong kong alone?

I went ahead to read all the backpackers' websites and it seems like Hong Kong is not a perfect spot for backpacking due to it's crowdiness and heavy population. and it's such a high cost city.

Frankly I am fine with backpacking alone anyway. It's just that my parents aren't. Especially in such a complicated place like Hong Kong. 

So what do you guys think? I seriously need some advices and opinions. I actually have a few options now:

1. Plan ahead and go for backpacking. Disobey my old people (which is absolutely my last choice)
2. Forfeit the tickets (which is also my second last choice)
3. Get someone to backpack with me (He/She'll have to pay RM500++ for the two way tickets). Perhaps it's YOU?
4. Get an agency and ask them if they have any tours on that date. Spend big bucks and join the tour. (Grrrr.....I'm running out of cash)

This is my ideal date. However it was no more zero fare in the morning. (click to enlarge)

This is the date that I booked. The total I paid was rm140 + rm 18 insurance = 158. If you book now it's rm189 + rm189 + rm140 + 18 = rm536. (Click to enlarge)

Tell me. What should I do? OCD has brought me into such a dilemma. 

Brainstorm and help me. :(


KY KHOR said...


In Hongkong (as well as Australia), the accomodation and the eatery is your main expenses.

You're actually jumped into a quicksand with a cheap airticket on the surface.... Pray that you or your parent "fatt tatt" before the actual journey.

IMO, money is your main problem. Backpacking / travelling alone is not. Hongkong is alot safer than Malaysia wei!

Oh good job on the Seam Reap. You're more resourceful than me. (frankly speaking, i've done nothing so far) other than tricked you into buying Seam Reap air ticket. haha

I won't say good luck. Coz you don't need one. You're Kae Vin and you've got the one true God.

Buy me some "My friend went to Hongkong / Australia, and all I get is this t-shirt"'s t-shirt.

Have FUN!

KY KHOR said...

a secret: I hate flying!!

I'm a Chiaki in disguise.....

stupid said...

you have the ticket,you have the choice. Don't let us to decide. But i would say ~give it a shot~

At least try some good excuses for your old people,they'll understand:)

and good luck! juz in case you need it:P

(y dont you drag along F&M together?)

~Live Life~ said...


Don't worry so much...just go on with your plannings...

God will arrange the best for u!

bambootong said...

go ahead!!! u already get a ticket means that u have a chance to go. Dont worry too much.

specialhuman said...

ky khor,

Hahaha I guess I'll have to be very very cost cautious.

Today just asked my colleagues about travelling in HK. They said for cheap hostel it's about RM50 per night per person. For transportation it's RM80 for a 3 day unlimited MTR ride. Food is the catch. One meal cost around RM20 average. However one of my colleague he bought 'char siew fan' and instand noodle in 7/11 everyday and it costs only a few ringgits per meal.

haha plus all those entrance fee and sightseeings, I guess it's around 500 - 600.

By the way, I know HK is safer. But how do I convince my parent about that? Lol.

and thanks for ur compliment. It's a flat world out there and what you need is only a computer, internet and Google to be resourceful. :)

and yeah. I know that.

and bout the tshirt, considering I'm on a tight budget, perhaps I'll go to the tshirt uncle and ask him make 100 tshirts with those wordings and give it out?


p/s: Lol. You have the Chiaki musical gene inside too? LOL


Yeah. There's one more year ahead for me to decide.

Cannot la. My F&M are working and they can't take leave to travel one la.

~live life~:

haha. Ya that's one of my very principle too :)

Thanks and God bless too.

p/s: Since u can survive alone in US for one year, why can't I survive in Hong Kong for 4 days right? LOL


Yeah. Thanks. :)

KY KHOR said...

I've forgotten the transportation fee. But MTR is NOT THAT useful especially to reach tourism spots. I took bus a lot. I still have the Octopus Card. Get it from me if got chance.

RM20 for food's normal. but RM20 for a Wan Tan Mee is not full enough.

Yoshinoya Japanese rice set (they're everywhere there!) and stupid McD (if u dun mind) is the best place to dine in in term of cost effective and meal size. Around RM14 the whole set.

Still got 1 year, no need to "gan cheung". ^^

Catherine said...

Hmm...i would say...just go la since u have bought the really very very wonder u cannot tahan...if i were u..will grap also.

you still have 1 year to think...just leave it first will have different view or opinion when the time comes. now is really too early to decide.

calvin said...

You remind me of the peribahasa I learned last time:

"Orang yang tamak selalu rugi"


specialhuman said...


Yeah thanks~ hoho. I will stick WellCome food i guess ;P

Your octopus card still got credit inside? Then I can save a bit more..hahaha :P


Ya. You are right. It's still one more year and I can slowly think. No need to rush to decide :)


This is totally not helping....

calvin said...

Okay, let me come out with a super smart proposal. Just give me that ticket. You don't have to face your parents, while I get to lay Gilian.

It's a win-win thing, right?

Email me if you agree with my super smart proposal. Thank you =)

specialhuman said...

I would like to but Air Asia doesn't allow name change for zero fare.

calvin said...

Yes, they don't but I still have one more year to make myself as 'slim' and to look as similar as you.

Gambarimasu ^.-

chloe choo said...

Option 3 =)

specialhuman said...


and can you make urself as short as me? lol :P


haha. Why, you wanna be the one backpacking with me? :P

Anonymous said...

What you need to right now is get the money. You will survive with all the money you have. So why worry?

Your another concern is your parents, which I think you can deal with it with some nice and good white lies. They must understand that you are big enough to make your own decision and that you are wiser enough to do what you want.

They must give you chance to learn, or else you will never. All you need to do is be extra careful while you are away from home. God bless you and have fun!

calvin said...

I won't say I will make myself as short as you, coz that will offend you afterwards xD

P/S: See lah, always act like a small kid until your parents also don't trust you ady =P

specialhuman said...


and that's the problem! lol

I'll be going to Cambodia in May, Australia in September and HK in November...I bought a ticket everytime Air Asia offered one.

lol..My parents trust me. It's just that I have been too much a big spender. haih...perhaps I'll have to save money for myself.

Anyway thanks for your comment and wished :) God bless you too


I memang small kid. blek. I know I'm short. Wont be so easily offended lo.

ps: If say me fat i'll be more offended. XD

anson said...

hey kv, im confused..
its Oct or Nov?

har! you have made the wrong move! Im quite sure that if you sms catherine that time, then most probably you will get a "yes" from her! :p

i have frens in HK also geh.. but not really 熟 la..
can try to ask geh if u need.. :)

specialhuman said...


Haih I never ask those working one coz it's too far away ady (19 -22 Oct 09)

If wan go now also can la. Wait for the next promotion and buy the same date lo. Probably wont be so cheap but still cheaper than 500 :P

Thanks la. If i need any info I'll ask u la :)