Saturday, November 15, 2008


I just realized that today is the fourth birthday of my blog since its very existence in 15 nov 2004. *clap clap* At least I'm persistent enough to write for four years --- without getting any advertisement (Considering adding one due to the economy crisis and my OCD of simply booking air tickets. lol)or discouraged by a few years of empty comment in my post (sometimes it felt like as if no one is reading, and no, I didn't know about Google Analytics either...)

Anyway it survived 4 years and the readers are increasing :) I think blogging has gradually become part of my life without me realizing it.

Let's switch the focus back to now. It might sound cliché-ish but I really have to say that time flies. I have completed about the first month of my intern in Penang. Working in this particular company has been a great experience to me. I learnt a lot of things and the do's and dont's about the working life. Nevertheless, I really have to say that this company that I am having my internship really pampers its employees.

It's obvious because where would you find a company that sets up Wii in its clubhouse for its employees to play anytime during working hours?

Playing Wii. (Game: Wii Sports: Curling)

and if that doesn't convince you, then this should.

Employees were complaining soring arm muscle due to playing Wii. So today they just set up another option which is a brand new PS3 in the club house. I went for a try out with my colleagues :P

The person in charge told us that to get the best graphic on screen, they bought a hdmi cable instead of ordinary AV cable. Lol. What can you possibily ask for more?

Darth Vader on the move. (Game: Soul Caliber)

Anyway I just wish to know that is there any company out there that provide better entertainment than PS3 and Wii? It might be me who is ignorant of the new emerging trend that all the companies are trying not to make their employee jack the dull boy? :)

and because the company treats the employees well, the superiors treat the small people like an intern like me very well too.

We went out for a team lunch for a completion on schedule project I never took part in. and yes the manager was paying and it was Paddington House of Pancake.

I couldn't remember exactly the name of the dish I ordered. In short it was some weird combination of mashed potato and minched beef on top of a roti canai-like thing. It was very filling though.

Pancakes for dessert

and me and some colleagues went for Madagascar 2 few hours back. Remember the Buddy Lunch I had at Swensen's? Well they got 10 coupons worth RM10 each from the meal. and the best thing was, you could use all 10 in one shot.


So we ordered ice creams for our dinner. Now this was a total indulgence.

Chocolate Blondie and Apple something. The pan was sizzling. It was ice cream on top of a cake-like thing with caramel sugar poured all over it. Sweetening and fattening.

They call this Earthquake. It's a combination of 8 different flavours of ice cream with toppings.

and we ate it the way we ate rojak. LOL!

and did I mention there are free dinners on every Thursday night and Tea Break on every Tuesday? Tempted to change your job now? Better get moving now! :P

signing off~

p/s: and I'll be running 25km on Penang Bridge in 24 hour time. Cheerlead for me on the bridge k? :)


calvin said...

Cis, just only when I wanna tell you that you are getting fat already, I saw the p/s down there =.-

I will be cheering for you all the way from Japan. Need any more support than that? ;)

P/S: First thing to think about is whether you could finish the race lol

P/S/S: Oh yea, first to comment ^.^

Anonymous said...

fatty fatty , run fatboy run!

Niel said...

ouch...those ice creams are so tempting!
Intel seems like a very nice company. Thank God for that!

Niel said...

ya, it's hard when u jz started to write. no one seems to be reading! mcm syok sendiri...haha

=chuan guan= said...

haha...ala..i neo ur company damn richlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

specialhuman said...


Lol. Alright. I know u gonna say that so I put the ps down there. lol

and Thanks. I hope I can hear from the Penang bridge. (As if I will hear and u'll start screaming in the middle of the night lol)

p/s: I'll try to complete the distance without stopping.

p/p/s: This is always what Kennysia's blog readers do. Don't do that in my blog :P


A picture of a fatboy running short of breath appears in my brain when I saw your comment.

and no, that's not me :P


Hehe. Thanks. You can have some too. You got parents who will pay for that :P

and yeah, sometimes it feels like totally SS. lol

chuan guan:

Habis tu? Tak kan I rich right? Poor people like me must go to rich company ma. :P

~Live Life~ said...

Gambatte ne in your penang bridge run!!! Will be also cheering from the many cheers and wishes,see if u dare not to finish the race!?!

Now the current trend is what they called soft capture the talents in the company not by hard power...but by all these so-called entertainment! Haha...but thinking a little bit more, if a lot of people are stuck in INTEL because of PS3, Wii, pancakes and ice creams...then INTEL has been successful...*evil grin...wakaka...

Anyway, all d best!! How long will you still be in INTEL?

specialhuman said...

~live life~:

hehe. I finished my race. Read the details in the next post la. :P

Lol? because of Wii and ps3 and ice cream and pancake? haha's the pay. If you have decent wage you would have bought everything yourself, no need to queue up to play in the company :P

By the way I'll be working until end of December

Daniel nG said...

wei... you didnt treat me ya??
i like to eat ais-cream de!!
haiz... so sad about i didnt register for the running of penang bridge. u still very fit yo! haha!
keep in touch!